DrunkCat Records presents: Risen from the Dead! ft. Ska Skank Redemption

Ska Skank Redemption

Ska Skank Redemption converged in late 2007. Three years later, the musical evidence has solidified their reputation as one of the most diverse bands in Colorado. They have pulled heavy influence from Funk, Swing, Latin, Metal, and Jazz. Be it in a bar, club, theater, or basement, Ska Skank Redemption is the sweetest singing crowbar to the face you'll ever experience. Metaphorically speaking.

The Namesakes

The Namesakes decided to be a band in January 2009. Nick, Nick and Steve, hot off the heels of a ska band and ignoring the monosyllabic nature of their names, joined forces with songwriter and mutual bro Chris. Chris, Nick, Nick, and Steve thought having a drummer with a two syllable name might be sweet, so we bought Bryan a nice dinner and convinced him to be in our band. After we traded one Nick for a lovely young lady named Hannah and convinced Chris to write some songs, The Namesakes were ready to play some original horn-accentuated original punk tunes to you and the rest of Denver.

Stab Crew

Stab Crew was originally formed in 2002 by Steve Yanoshank, Justin Dean, Brad Boxer, and Brian Gillette. The band was created for the sole reason to piss people off and the first two Stab Crew shows ever did just that. The band went by the wayside for many years and was finally recreated with Mike Carbonell and original member Steve Yanoshek sometime in the spring of 2006. Soon after the two started jamming together and writing some of the first songs members Sebastian Nutter (drums) and Patricke Marshall-Clancy joined. Originally Pat was just the bands "air guitarist" but soon proved himself a great singer and exceptional lyricist. After months and months of practice and countless bottles of booze Stab Crew had a full blown set with songs like: Handle on Life, Dead Girl, Stab Crew, Punch Kick Stab, (My Way) Fuck Your Highway and Sit back. We originally tried out a few bass players and finally decided on Cliff Mikkelson. We recorded a four song demo "No Fetus Can Beat Us" with Cliff and took off from there.
After several house parties and the first ever Zombie Party, Stab Crew was ready to hit the stage. In August of 2007 we played our first official show together and have been hard at it since then. Stab Crew has since had two bass replacements. Victor Carbonell (Mike's brother) played with the band for just under a year and was the bassist on our first album ever "Pass-A-Fist." He was replaced in March of 2009 by Gutterrunts and 99 Bottles bass player Josh Dishaw.
Stab Crew has been a mainstay in Colorado Springs for several years now. We try our hardest to build a better local music scene and give people something to do in this god forsaken shit hole of a town. We started the annual Zombie Party and host it every year, we have played many benefit shows for a variety of causes and are always out and about supporting local shit. You can find us at a variety of local shows, down drinking at the Triple Nickel or just fucking around somewhere random.
We have shared the stage with countless bands and have played over 90 shows together. Some of the local bands we have played with are: Recondite (Colorado Springs), The Daughter Robbers (Colorado Springs), Torment (Colorado Springs), Asbestos Tampons (Denver), Brown Noise (Fountain), The Circumcisers (Denver), Suzie Palmer and the Knuckle Children (Pueblo), 3 Grams Over an Ounce (Denver), The Boxsleeves (Colorado Springs), Nicotine Fits (Colorado Springs), The Skull Crows (Denver), Bastard Trash (Denver), Malcolm and the Oi Oi Boys (Denver), Primasonic (Denver), The Anarclitz (Colorado Springs), Stink Finger (Denver), D.I.H.Y.F. (Denver), Underminer (Denver), Four Through Six (Colorado Springs), Truckasaurus (Denver), Fourth Yeer Freshman (Denver), The Nicateens (Denver), The A-Oks (Denver), The Nimwits (Monument), Truth From Chaos (Colorado Springs), Red Stinger (Denver), Anti-Boss (Denver), Proper Villains (Colorado Springs), Holley 750 (Denver), The Super Eights (Denver), Lambasted (Colorado Springs), The Gutterrunts! (Colorado Springs), Nine Arms (Colorado Springs), Lucid (Colorado Springs), The Sound Shop (Colorado Springs), The Knightbeats (Colorado Springs), 99 Bottles (Colorado Springs), The Ruining Seed (Colorado Springs), Pitch Invasion (Denver), Horns (Denver), Murder Hat (Colorado Springs), and Liquid Cheese)
National Acts we've played with: Bombs Blast (Nebraska), Thirteenth Victim (Austin Texas), The Nobodys (Colorado), Fuck The Informer (California), Guttermouth (California), Fight Before Surrender (Ohio), Authority Zero (California), Psycho Stick (?), Civet (California), Kill Deville (California), New Tomorrow (California), Murder Majesty (Las Vegas), Shilling (Las Vegas/California), A Wilhelm Scream (California), Chaser (California), and Teenage Bottlerocket (Wyoming)
International acts: Dogsflesh (UK) and Freygolo (France)
If you want some insight into what kind of people we are simply listen to our songs! We drink, we're assholes, we do drugs and don't care, we will fight you or be your best fucking friend. We love zombies, necrophilia, horror movies, and violence. You can spot us out in the crowd by looking for a drunk guy with a beer in his hand in the pit.
Come to the next show we play, we guarantee lots of drinking and an all around awesome time!
And yes...we are still those assholes you find in the parking lot!

3 Grams Over An Ounce

3 Grams Over An Ounce is an all out fast heavy, yet catchy, and most of all fun music. They've been compared to Suicide Machines, Operation Ivy, Choking Victim, and The Bouncing Souls. Mixing the styles of the variety of music that the members listen to, often the next song won't sound like the last. With dual vocals with songs ranging from social injustice, frustration, to smoking some weed, to break-ups, blazing bass rifts, epic solos, fast, technical beats, and the upstroke, to heavy distorted guitar, followed by mind blowing riffs; 3 Grams is something to hear for yourself.

$7 - ($5 at door if you dress up AS A ZOMBIE)


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