The members of Copenhagen’s Iceage are teenagers, presently 19 or so, and as with most people that age, it doesn’t do any good to cite influences. Rather, Iceage mixes punk, post-punk, Goth and hardcore as if they invented it, and does such an excellent job of blending these tropes with the pent-up energy and frustration of the just-post-pubescent years of young mens’ lives, that they might as well have.

New Brigade is Iceage’s debut album (licensed from Escho Records of Denmark); 26 minutes of anthemic stress, of tension undiluted by worldly wisdom or amassed experience. Following a seven-inch single (recorded by Peter Peter, of the Sods and Sort Sol) and compilation track, New Brigade displays a confidence that substitutes worldly experience for the thrills of discovery, of knowing that it is possible to forge your own path in light of adults, the establishment, and prevailing wisdom telling you to do otherwise. In this tradition, New Brigade’s twelve songs rush past, long enough to hit you in the chest and short enough to make you wonder what happened. YouTube shows Iceage’s live shows to be frenetic, sometimes violent affairs with very little compromise in the way of sound or concept. You may get pushed around. Deal with it. This is a punk record from a punk band that plays punk shows.

The Videos

New band with Anthony from Ceremony.

Cairo Pythian

"Part of a goth/coldwave scene out of the Pacific Northwest, artist Cairo Pythian makes a shocking debut with what the press materials allude to as “lucid assfucking.” C.P. hails from Olympia, WA, and there’s a bit of a Sex/Vid connection via Dave Harvey playing guitar and Capt. Trips producing these sessions, but the two bands are in no other way alike. Perhaps in mood, but certainly not in method – any of the four S&M/quickdeath-for-kicks anthems on this release wouldn’t have sounded out of place on either of the Wierd Records compilations (well, maybe the wah-wah lead guitar on “Magus” might have placed it out of the running), sequenced for maximum slink and in the Gary Numan fanclub 4 LYFE." --Still Single


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