Bones Muhroni, Whippoorwill, The Ransom

Bones Muhroni

"With roots across the Rockies, Colorado-bred and Los Angeles-fed Bones Muhroni is out to deliver on the fervor they've ignited. Carrying influences across jam, folk, rock, and soul circuits, and songwriting that fails to falter even when their genres alter, Bones Muhroni is at its base a rock and roll dance band. Principal songwriter and lead singer Crew Muhroni delves deep into the valley between mundane and melancholy, baring a voice and a swagger that bridges Jeff Buckley with Mick Jagger. The swagger is matched and flaunted further in lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter Christopher "Bones" Jones, merging the influences of classic rock and R&B into a panty-dropping mashup of soulful solos and impeccable harmonies with Muhroni. Drummer Ryan Wykert slams the dancefloor with a background in jazz, funk, and rock-and-roll, pulling shoegazing fans of the Muhroni/Bones songwriting duo back into their bodies til dance-drunk and leaving abuzz with Bones love. Since the release of their most recent HABITS EP (2014), the band has been joined with the rotating line-up of, Sammuel Gabbard (Bass), Jon Niemann (Keys,Organ), Taylor Plenn (Saxophone), Frankie Palmer (Pedal Steel Guitar), and Emily Elkin (Cello) all making up one giant Bones Muhroni family. "

- Crew's Mom


Made up of members and former members of The Decanters, Magnolia Electric Co., Songs: Ohia, Drakkar Sauna and The Hollows, Whippoorwill has been playing around Bloomington, IN, and its environs since 2004. When they're not blending classic country sensibilities, arrangements that veer toward cabaret, and plenty of moments of straight up rock n' roll in their original compositions, this group of friends has also been known to headline numerous area functions in the convincing guise of other artists ranging from Madonna to The Bee Gees, from Styx to Prince.



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