The Fabulous Boogienauts

From the vast recesses of deep space, the Fabulous Boogienauts have returned to call earth home once again!
A ten piece original band with two female singers, and five piece horn section are bent on world dance floor at a time.
So put a gale in your sail, a buck in your truck, and tell the DJ he's outta luck.
Cuz It's all the way live in yo favorite dive, and the Fabulous Boogienauts make
Yo booty feel alive!


"Soul is a HAMHOCK in yo cornflakes," George Clinton

Hamhock is Denver's premier authentic Funkadelic tribute band, bringing not only the music, but the legendary live performances of a classic Funkadelic show to Denver. Founded by Casey Hrdlicka and Ali Akyuz, and also featuring members of Atomga, Slaughterhouse Rootz, and Kendra Kreie & the Pocket Protectors, Hamhock dares to free your funky mind

BignLow & Unique with the Midwest Family

Big n Low & Unique - Vocals, Dave "Von Devo" Jackson - Bass, Mike "Hatcatcher" Conrod - Keys, Chuck E3 - Drums / Electronics, Steve Shermer - Guitar, The Real DJ Panic - EDM / The Origional Scratch Master

Lead By Design

Lead By Design is a creation of Sam Pastorella, Sam Lafalce and Brian Knapp. We make high energy music from funk and reggae to heavy rock and metal.
This music is a combination of our favorite music styles combined with a whole lot of original jams. It's not catered to any one style, any one person or any kind of venue. Every set is completely different, with live improv combined with original songs and occasionally covers and mash ups.

We love playing shows around the Denver area with our favorite local artists like CollieRad, Atomga, HamHock, and James and the Devil. We are still in the process of recording but there are rough studio versions and live recordings on our bandcamp page.

$5.00 - $120.00


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