"The Methods" or Music That Heightens Different Senses are Rocky Mountain beat-dealers who combine booze soaked rock, street-wise hip-hop with a soulful over-the-top party groove. They have been blazing their way across the West Coast and will now take their assault global. Musically, MTHDS often draw comparisons to Sublime and Slightly Stoopid, but in their short history, they have shared the stage with artists as diverse as The Roots, Method Man, Collie Buddz, Ozomatli, Ludacris, Savoy, Rusko, Major Lazer, Talib Kweli, RJD2 and many more. They have appeared at notable ski competitions, the Honda Sessions and the Winter Dew Tour and countless other epic parties.

MTHDS just completed a solid tour with Chali 2na (Jurassic 5). Their new album "Trade" which includes features from Binary Star, Grouch & Eligh, & Chali 2na is expected for release in early 2012.

Shane “SF1” Franklin, a drummer, music producer, dancer, actor and emcee who began his career in performance. Born in Denver, Colorado SF1 started as a member of the drama group and the children and youth choirs in church. A graduate of Denver School of the Arts/ Career Education Center, SF1 studied both music and audio engineering. Upon completion of high school he continued his education at Berklee College of Music and received his Bachelors Degree in Music Business Management from the University of Colorado Denver. SF1 plans to continue to inspire and touch the world with his music and performance ability as a whole.
SF1 began emceeing at the age of nine, influenced by his cousin EM3 and his father, Dank Emcee. He is a trained musician, actor, dancer and a percussionist that has trained with the late Betty Ryer, John “Mr. Tap Dance” Williams, Judy “Fatu” Henderson, Stephan Griffin, Ernesto Diaz, Eguie Castillo, Jo Bunton Keel and Cleo Parker Robinson. He has appeared in The Eulipions “The Black Nativity”, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance “Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum” and The Colorado Opera’s “Porgy and Bess” to name a few. As an avid musician he has directed music in such productions as, “Stepping to a New Day” & “A Journey through Five Points.”
Staying with a true entrepreneur’s spirit SF1 founded Tega’s Percussionary Groove Session, Whymzical Notationz and now has company called Cornbread Entertainment, which showcases & develops new talent and provides music production through SF1 Productions. These are the integrated elements that contributed to the production of the “Cornbread” album.
In December of 2009 SF1 released his debut hip-hop album entitled “Cornbread”. The album contains 12 tracks that feature a vast arrangement of traditional hip hop, African and Latin influenced rhythms with a fusion jazz spice top with an Andre 3000 twang.
In 2012, SF1 released his sophomore album “Inamorata”. Inamorata, which is Italian for A woman with whom one is in love or has an intimate relationship, is a “rollercoaster of love” album to its core. From the initial meeting between a man and woman, to the head over heels feeling, to the break up, to the calm after the storm. SF1 has teamed up with Music Producer and long time friend Cesar Gonzalez to craft a fresh sound that integrates Afro Cuban, West African, Middle Eastern, Jazz, and Rock all infused with a Hip Hop foundation. With amazing arrangements, an all-star cast of featured vocalists, and SF1’s creative song concepts, Inamorata captures the attention of every fan of love.
SF1 is sure to be considered one of today’s multidimensional talents that possess an array of skills that is sure to captivate and electrify any stage. Not your typical rap/hip hop artist of today but truly an artist in its true essence. Video footage, music videos, performance dates, photos, and the opportunity to sign up to his mailing list can be found at as well as, and

Glitta Kings

The Glitta Kings are a versatile trio of musicians who have been immersed in the music industry for over a decade. Together they produce a unique take on hip-hop, soul, funk, and R&B through each of their different perspectives and experiences.

This charismatic trio captivates audiences with a clever and catchy mixture of vibrant music and humor that makes people want to get down, while laughing ‘til it hurts. Their music is performed with such intense levels of energy and emotion that crowds are always left wanting more.

The group started turning heads with their debut EP Got Panache, and are justifiably proud and excited for the Halloween 2013 release of their first full length album, Girls In High Heels Shouldn’t Dance On Glass Tables.

Albeez 4 Sheez

As an artist out of Aurora Colorado, Albeez 4 Sheez has set the standard for artist after to keep the party hype with his upbeat tempos and fast flows Albeez 4 Sheez is able to captivate you with a soothing melody or use his powerful storytelling skills to make u want more of his music.

Quotes & Jared Ming

Quotes is from the north side of the Denver area. Jared Ming grew up in the southern tip of the city. They first met in the middle, as part of a musical theater production at Metro State, and since have formed one of the city’s most cutting-edge musical groups.

A rap-and-vocal duo, Quotes and Jared Ming began to establish themselves on the city’s music scene in the summer of 2013. They performed several times at quaint Herman’s Hideaway, one of the city’s most notable venues for aspiring artists, as part of the Step Up & Get Live contest.

The group advanced to the finals in a field of more than 40 competitors and opened for national act Mix Master Mike in the fall of 2013 at Summit Music Hall. The bookings have increased since, and the band released its first video for Crumbling Down in Dec. 2013.

Quotes, aka James Miller, has drawn comparisons to Drake and Childish Gambino, performers who have taken on the multiple roles of rapping, singing and acting. Quotes cites many influences, but was first drawn to the industry when listening to Tupac as a youngster.

“He could really paint pictures with his lyrics,” Quotes said.

Quotes graduated from Horizon High School in Thornton, Colo. where he was heavily involved in the theater, including a well-publicized production of High School Musical.

Ming competed in American Idol in 2012 and advanced to the Hollywood rounds after being selected from an Aspen, Colo.-based preliminary round. He also has appeared in a national commercial for the Coors Brewing Co. He attended Chaparral High School in Parker, Colo. and has been a longtime performer, both as a singer and an actor.

While rap-and-vocal duos are somewhat prevalent in collaborations (Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian, etc.), it is uncommon for a group to be composed of a fulltime rapper in addition to a range-style vocalist. In that regard, Quotes and Jared Ming are groundbreakers in the field.

Hashim Mustafa aka Ha$h Originally from Richmond, VA currently resides in Denver, co. Been in the game since 98. Part of a trio called Mic Life who definitely made some noise in the underground and more than a few labels expressed intrest in while the group was signed to the management agency talent 2k. The group met in junction city ks and as the trio still remain a group Ha$h and Fashow are currently working on solo projects. I just wanna provide listeners with the element that's been missing from hip hop for the longest and that's realness. To me rappers nowadays lack substance and I'm here to bring it back to the fore front.

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