The Manchurians, The Downbeat 5, Big Fat Combo

The Manchurians

The Manchurians formed in 1999, in a damp cellar located on the Branford River Delta, carving a hard edged, blues based rock n' roll sound...a sound that would reverberate around the world and catch the attention of Buddy Guy, BB King, Johnny Winter, and the heir to Albert King, Michael Burks, among others, who have recorded from The Manchurians' guitar/harmonica/maracas infused, twice Grammy -nominated catalog...Today, they remain hardy crusaders for a sound that is as real as it is honest...and totally fab, baby.

The Downbeat 5

The Downbeat 5 are a Boston-based rock band started in 1999 by former DMZ guitarist J. J. Rassler and Jen D'Angora. The band's music draws on 1960s girl group sounds, garage rock, and rougher-edged British Invasion bands like The Rolling Stones.
In 2003, the band made it as far as the semi-finals of the 25th annual WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble.The following year, they placed in the finals of Little Steven's Underground Garage battle of the bands, with Little Steven remaining a strong supporter afterwards.

Big Fat Combo

"Big Fat Combo is a super cool band- it’s hard to put it any other way. They play rootsy American music, mixing well crafted originals with a surprising pick of left field cover tunes. A solid rhythm section featuring stand up bass, a charismatic hero-type front man and a guitarist who makes the most wonderful bunch of noises come out of his instrument, all combine to a groovy rock experience.. Their debut CD may be taking longer to finish than the latest Axl Rose piece, but it will be worth the wait."
Influences include Link Wray, Ramones, Eddy Arnold, Ropeburns Russell, Elvis, Sons of the Pioneers, The Ventures


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