Throw the Fight

Bullet Tooth Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of Minneapolis Minnesota's, Throw The Fight. For the past three decades, Minneapolis has had it's finger on the pulse of the musical world. There's something about the Northern Midwest crowds that demand passion and energy from their musical acts. Throw The Fight continues that tradition, bringing an authentic display of metal-edged, hard rock. It's the kind of energy one hears on the band's newest album, the John Feldmann (Atreyu, The Used) produced, "What Doesn't Kill Us."

Recorded during a three week stretch in Feldmann's own L. A. studio, the record runs the gamut, stretching across metal and alternative, to just plain-old, white-knuckled rock 'n' roll. Serving to example is the blinding intensity behind tracks like "One Step Away," "Lifesaver" and "Lights Out For Summer," which are imbued with soulful, intelligent songwriting to accompany TTF's brand of angst-ridden fervor.

The first single off the record, "Not So Hollywood," has already begun to pick up steam at radio stations across the country. The first being KXXR in Minneapolis which immediately added the track to full rotation. Since then, others are beginning to follow suit.

"Rock and roll is everything . . . To us, there's nothing else," proclaims guitarist Ryan Baustert. It's that same all-in, do-it-yourself attitude that pours from TTF's essence; an ever-present force that drives exceptional live performance, fantastic studio work, and an ineffable mass appeal. Throw The Fight has the "X factor" shared by successful acts like Killswitch Engage, Story of the Year, and Rise Against and the band's onstage force has already been seen nationally on festivals such as The Van's Warped Tour & Taste of Chaos, as well as with acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, and Buckcherry, among others.

Members James Clark (vocals), Ryan Baustert (guitar), Jonathan Sutton (guitar/back-up vocals), Kyle Glidden (bass/back-up vocals), and Jeff Baustert (drums) are headed somewhere fast and "What Doesn't Kill Us" is a standing testament to the band's resilience.

A Memory Down (Original Line-up)

A Memory Down is a hard rock sensation skyrocketing out of the Colorado music community to share their message of pain, redemption and humanity with the world. The sound can be described as a mix between hard rock, nu metal and southern rock, including a frenzy of melodic vocals, hard hitting yet mellow guitars and great story lines. A MEMORY DOWN is; Phil LeBlanc (lead vocals), David Leon (lead guitar), Ben Kelln (bass/accoustic) and Ryan Wagner (rhythm guitar/keys) and Vaios Papastergiou aka Yuli (drums). For 4 years the group cut their teeth on bars, theaters and festivals within their home state growing stronger while developing a core fan base. In 2012 the band finished recording their debut album “Man Apart” and it wasn’t long before they were being courted. In July of 2012 A Memory Down signed to Turkey Vulture Records distributed by Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution and began the long trek toward touring success. The reception has been epic.

• They have shared the stage with several national acts including Saliva, Parabelle, Gemini Syndrome, Motograter, Red Jump Suit Apparatus, Surrender the Fall, Throw the Fight, Straight-line Stitch and many more.

• Distributed via Universal Music Group.

• Co Headlined with Screaming for Silence on the Screaming for A Memory National Tour (2013). Along with several other US tours throughout 2013-2014

• Showcased at several festivals including Rocky Mountain Localpalooza 2009, 2010, 2012 and are sharing the stage at Rockapalooza 2013 with Candlebox, Mushroomhead, Saliva and many, many more.

• “Peace Be Yours” available on Rock Band Summer 2013.

• Draw up to 500 in their hometown of Denver, CO.

• Spun on many fm and internet radio stations around the world

Beyond Influence

Beyond Influence is a heavy hitting original rock band based out of Denver, Colorado. Since forming in 2010 the band has seen several members come and go. Currently the group members are Paul Rampa (Vocals), Richard England (Guitars), Dan Robinson (Bass Guitar) and Dan Eberling (Drums). The sound of Beyond Influence combines pulse pounding rock with a touch of groove and metal - creating one of the most intense and unique sounds in the local scene. Beyond Influence currently performs every 4 to 6 weeks in the Denver area and is currently working on a 5 song EP album planned for release in 2013.

Blindfold The Devil

Blindfold The Devil is a dedicated Melodic Thrash Metal band from Denver, Colorado. Blindfold The Devil has been around for two years and has many different members but has finally become the best the band has ever been. James Romero, being the only original member, is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. Derrick Peters is the thriving pulse of the band that is the drummer.Kevin Polinksi is the professinally trained lead guitarist.Finally Patrick Leyn is the newest member and bass player of Blindfold The Devil. The band has worked as hard as possible to get where they are and do it for their love of the music and their strive to succeed and be the best.

Kill Ritual

KILL RITUAL is Here! Featuring ex members of Imagika, Dark Angel and Eldritch!

Steven Rice- (x Imagika)- Lead Guitar
Wayne DeVecchi-(x Imagika, Doom Society)-Drums
Mehl Anoma- (xPotential Threat)-Lead Guitar
Danyael Williams-(x Dark Angel)-Bass
Band Interests
Drinking and METAL!
Artists We Also Like
Anything that kicks ass!

$5.00 - $10.00


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