SOLAR (Alternative Rock/Pop), a formulation that sparked back in the fall of 2002, back when Bill Clarke and Ken Lee were sharing some new original ideas that Ken had wrote. While both were playing in another local Denver band, Bill and Ken continued to write and develop the sound of SOLAR. SOLAR debuted with their first show at a Colorado gem, Little Bear Saloon, in Evergreen CO on September 28th, 2004. Since then, they have been featured at many great Colorado venues, events and festivals, and private parties. They have a very loyal fan base and continues to build new following. Their music composition is mainly based on emotional and melodic vocals, with a pace-groove driven type of rhythm. In 2007 they released their first full length CD, SOLAR - RUN. Instrumentation on this project was kept at the foundation of Drums, Bass, and Guitar. They wanted to keep things raw and somewhat "un-super engineered". 2010 has brought a couple of "key" new additions to SOLAR, Vanessa Vanzin on Piano and Chris Moots on Bass. New growth, energy, and inspiration is well and developing into something new and exciting!


Based out of Denver, Colorado, Entropy was founded in August, 2004. Having started as a cover band, Entropy has now ventured into writing original material with an ear-catching, unique sound. With Aaron Gallegos (lead vocals), Tony Shortino (guitar, backup vocals), Joel Brown (drums, backup vocals), and Matt Weigel (bass) guitar, Entropy's diverse playing styles include Ska, Punk, Funk, and Rock.

After being together for just over one month, Entropy had already put together 30 covers and performed their first gig, at Lodo's Bar and Grill in downtown Denver. Entropy then took things to the next level by moving out of the basement, and into the recording studio. In the next seven months, Entropy composed and recorded fourteen original songs. Dedicating track four – "Ground Zero" – to the brave soldiers of the US armed forces, Entropy has sent over five hundred copies of their debut album "Method of Entropical Madness" to US military bases around the world. As part of their dedication to our country, ten percent of the album sales will be donated to the Families of the Victims of 9/11 Fund.

Faking the Dream

Faking the Dream is the greatest sing-a-long band in the universe. If you aren't singing along then we are just another crappy cover band.

The John Saunders band

Formed in the spring of 2012, The John Saunders Band captures the combination of the laid back rhythms of Jack Johnson and solid drive of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, creating a unique sound we call “The Colorado Groove”. The JSB is a Castle Rock-based band that plays a mix original tunes and covers of artists such as Ryan Adams, Pat Green, The Dawes, The Mavericks, Ben Gibbard, and of course Jack Johnson and Big Head Todd.

The JSB got its start during a late night jam session that led lead singer/guitarist John Saunders and drummer Jeff Schwarz to ask each other, “what if?” John and Jeff then recruited old church band pal Rick Packard to play bass with them to see if something could develop. After playing a few low-key gigs as a three piece group, the band realized that a lead guitarist would be great addition to compliment the rhythms and melodies of John’s original music. Reaching out again to the church band connection, the band recruited the talents of Vince Hubbard. Vince’s command of the fretboard was a perfect addition to filling out “The Colorado Groove” that The JSB was looking for.

As The John Saunders Band continues to develop its identity, John keeps pulling up original tunes that he has written over many years, with each new tune helping to shape and define the overall sound of the band. Late night rehearsals in the “live music” den of Jeff’s basement serve not only to hone “The Colorado Groove”, but also tend to turn into lively gatherings for neighbors and friends. And perhaps the enjoyment of playing and listening to the music together is what “The Colorado Groove” is all about.

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