Boatrocker is a 4 piece (Will, Chris, John, Sean) post-whatever band from Wilmington, De, that formed in 2007. Their first full length is available for free via download from
Boatrocker will be back at Big Blue Meanie Studios in New Jersey, this Fall to begin working on the follow up to 2011's Delicious Jams.

Hurt (DE)

Hurt is a party band that mixes punk rock, ska, and hip-hop! Our songs are usually about subject matter that society often shies away from such as: Pleasuring obese women, fornicating with sheep, extreme alcoholism, and committing robberies with a water gun full of liquid acid.

Count Von Count

weirdo heavy stuff since 2003, to the best of our recollection. currently Tom, Chris, and Justin
Band Interests
smokin', tokin', & jokin'
Artists We Also Like
Electric Horsemen, Melon, Onita, Backwoods Payback, Human Smoke, The Catalyst, Cough, Earthling, Buck Gooter

Weekday Warriors

Comprised of Russell ¿Que?, Lord Dan, Funky Fingers, and Torb, the Weekday Warriors have been playing together for around a year. The band has become known for their unique style of acoustic hip hop, as well as their numerous spontaneous jam sessions with local musicians and other artists. The band is always interested in collaboration, and is always entertaining while performing. You can always catch them around at Open Mics, especially at their home base of Mojo Main.

Self Checkout

Delaware punk rock

James Peirce
Shreddie Checkout
Jon Van Whalen
Chris Caputo

Cave Life

Three guys who play songs about songs.....

This is Weird

Weird Synth Rock!
Melissa - Synth, Vocals
Miranda - Bass, Vocals
Lyndsey - Drums, Vocals
Jeff - Guitar, Vocals



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