Earth First South Florida TWAC Benefit

Earth First South Florida TWAC Benefit

so this girl walks into our office and says I know this is real short notice, but I was hoping to a benefit show for TWAT.
......and we said Well what's TWAT and what do you need the funds for?...she went on to say...Well, I bolted my neck to thr door of the corporate offices of GEO Group which happens to be the 2nd largest for profit prison company in the States. Hence, a few of us of our group got arrested, so we happen to need the money for our courts cost's.
And we just hugged her and Thanked her for being exacting what we need in our world today.
So come and support.
Great local Bands!!!
The Anthropologists of Nosy Mangabe ft. Zoe
Unity Rise
Soulroots ft. Rane Roatta



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