Jt and the pickups

We are a 5 piece band playing our own brand of original music and some of your favorite cover tunes!

We infuse rock, pop and country music with 3 and 4 part harmonies. Our music is fun and entertaining we play Songs that you will love and like to Dance and Sing along to.

Music that people like to sing and dance to. We are a vocal oriented group with a strong emphasis on harmony and melody. We write our own original music and we also play a variety of classic rock and country and pop.

Rockit Science (8pm)

Rockit Science plays original and contemporary music featuring the vocals of Bruce Brymer, Mark Purvis and Jim Pasquel.

Bruce Brymer - Songwriter,Vocals & Drums
Jim Pasquel - Guitar & Vocals
Mark Purvis - Bass & Vocals
Mark Shuster - Keyboards

R&B with a rockin' touch of jazz influence is the best way to describe the sounds of Rockit Science. The band performs original tunes penned by Bruce Brymer, along with upbeat songs from the '70s and '80s. Great for dancing!

Verst & Bender

Verst’s Starship Crash is a remarkably assured debut. The music consistently surprises, offering angular and muscular instrumentation that wrestles inventive, unexpected arrangements to the ground with grace and finesse. The songs are earworms of the best kind, featuring sinewy, sugar-spiked vocal melodies that wouldn’t be out of place on ‘70s AM radio.

In a word, Starship Crash might best be called “rocklectic.” From the rollicking crunch of “Secrets of Me” to the hypnotic trance-like space rock of the title track, Starship Crash is a journey through genres that rewards listeners at every turn.

Pandora calls Starship Crash “…a noise-pop masterwork that infuses ‘90s sonic wizardry with innovative melodies, both barbed and sublime…There’s not one mediocre song here.”

The Marin Independent Journal's Paul Liberatore named Starship Crash one of Marin County's 10 best albums for 2015.

Verst is a four-piece band from San Francisco, California. Bass player John Parsons first discovered guitarist John Dickey’s music in the mid-90s through a random purchase of the Pie is Gone EP in a Greenwich Village record store. Dickey was the mastermind behind Pie, a Boston-based band that opened for Built to Spill and Yo La Tengo before imploding after a string of indie releases. Parsons led San Francisco rockers, Rule of Thumb, through four albums (and opening slots for The Gourds and Richmond Fontaine, among others) before dissolving the band.

In 2002, Parsons was determined to find more Pie music. An internet search revealed that Dickey had relocated to San Francisco and formed a new band, Richard Bitch. That move would prove to be fortuitous, though it would take another decade before the two Johns joined forces in Verst. With Starship Crash, Verst is poised to reap the benefits of the members’ collective years of sweat equity. Brandon Hemley (also from Rule of Thumb) propels the music on drums, and Mark Marvelous rounds out the band on keyboards and guitar. All four members sing in various combinations of shared lead and background vocals.

john dickey / guitar
john parsons / bass
brandon hemley / drums
mark marvelous / keys & guitar

Bender is a San Francisco-based rock band formed in 2005. The offering is a collection of high energy original tunes ... think Pearl Jam, The Who, Green Day and Cake mashed in a blender - with a little sprinkling of humble, wishful thinking. The band was formed around the guitar talents of East Bay natives David Schwartz and Kevin Jackson who recruited drummer Brad Pirtle out of the legendary Blue Bear School of Music in SF, who in turn brought in bassist Jordan Estreito. Daniel Verrico more than completes the quintet with his fierce vocals and showmanship. The band's debut EP a.Politco was released in 2008, followed by their second EP Fiction in 2012. Bender is currently touring and writing new material.

Find us on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon as Bender SF.

@bendersf on Twitter

Buddy Owen Band BDAY BASH!

Although Buddy Owen was born in New York City, he grew up in Florida. And contrary to popular belief Florida is part of the south. He grew up with the sounds of Southern Gospel and New York City Doo Wop, Hank Williams and Ave' Maria's.
His classmates in the small tourist and agricultural town of Winter Haven Florida, included Gram Parsons, (Flying Burrito Bros.), Jimmy Stafford, Kent LaVoie',(aka Lobo),The Bellamy Bros., Les Dudek, (solo Midnight Rider),etc.
Buddy grew up in the swamps and on the beaches of Florida. At night he would listen to John R and Big Hue Baby, on WLAC Radio Nashville Tenn. Here he heard Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson, Son House,Tampa Red, on and on. Buddy was hooked. He had to be part of that. He had to git him sum.
Around the age of 13, Buddy started going down to the "blues" clubs and sing.
During High School he formed a band with some schoolmates called The Spades, who became very popular in the Southeast. (see Dizzy Rambler.com for more on the Spades) The Spades opened shows for Rufus Thomas , Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels, The Zombies, Searchers, etc.
They shared venues such as The Ocean Pier Casino & the Martinique in Daytona Beach and the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami as well as poolside at the hotels along the beaches of Florida with The Allman Joys,(a teenage Allman Bros Band).
After this he went to New York and The Village and became part of that scene working the coffee houses and clubs of New York.
Buddy jammed around with people who were to become bands such as Blood Sweat and Tears, Blues Project . He left this to move to San Francisco and Haight Ashbury and the rich stew of music that was bubbling there.
During these magical times Buddy played and recorded around the San Francisco Bay Area.
During the 70's he toured the country pretty much nonstop . Sometimes living on the East Coast, sometime the West, and for a while in Aspen Colorado.
On May 30 1970, Buddy Owen played Carnegie Hall with his band OZ along with The Youngloods and Tim Hardin.
In the early Eighties he lived in Austin where his good friend Chesley Millikin was managing Stevie Ray Vaughan, where he got to play one of Clifton Chenier's last shows with him before his death.
Buddy released his first solo album from there and struck out on a supporting tour.The band included, Jimmy Carl Black on drums, (from The Mothers Of Invention), and Reno Mussata ,(Kinky Friedman), in a double drumming configuration.
Most of the rest of the 80's and 90's he lived in Marin County California, where he continues to live today.
The band at present is Buddy Owen; guitar & vocals, Ernest "Boom" Carter, drums & vocals, and Phil Marshall / Bass, Ian Lamson / Guitar, Richie Smith / Keyboards


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