Die Mutts(Des Moines, IA), Breakmouth Annie, Stinkbomb, Anti-Prophet

Die Mutts(Des Moines, IA)

We're a Street Sk8ing Drunk Punk band from Des Moines, Iowa. We started playing together in Feb. 2001 as a 3 piece (Matt Mutt, Broken Josh & Deadly Steve), and recorded our ----> FIRST CD -- "THE GOOD IS BAD & UGLY"<---- The recording was written, produced and recorded by us. We gave it free to anyone who wanted it and those who didn't. We didn't expect people to actually like it. But, there was a few that did! So in Jan. 2003 we added Brutal Brian and went to a studio to record the ----> SECOND CD -- "STREET SKATING DRUNK PUNKS, READY TO BE HEARD"<---- Not long after our original guitar player Deadly Steve had to quit the band because his fat ass wife took over his life. The response to our 2nd CD was more then enough to keep us piss'n people off at shows. So we found other deadly axe men to fill in, and kept going. Mostly Skating & Drinking in Iowa, Nebraska, & Minnisota. Till we split up on Halloween 2004 after a show in St. Cloud, MN. In 2005 Exactly A year later we were back in action again. . . . BUT! WE ARE NO LONGER GOING BY THE NAME "THE MUTTS" from now on we are going by the name "DIE MUTTS"!!! Because a band from California (the mutts) had that name since 1982 (I don't know how I didn't know this). - ALL NEW MERCH BEING SOLD NOW!!! - 2008 and finally the long wait is over ---- THIRD CD -- "SYSTEM REJECT" ---- Is Done!!!! With Josh singing/Guitar. Matt Mutt-Drums, NEW members Kyle on Guitar, and sXe Jordan play'n bass. With this lineup you know your parents are going to hate it! So play it LOUD! ------>2009 The FORTH CD ---- "NEIGHBORS ARE PIST"--------> Finally DONE! , Using old songs never recorded, and long forgotten. Written/Recorded/Produced BY US! IN THE BASEMENT & co-produced/Mastered by CoolHand Steve @ POURHOUSE SOUND STUIDO(same person that did SYSTEM REJECT). --- (((("2010 expect the ----Fifth CD !!!! the material is already written just need time to memorize it!"))))))) Message Board - http://mutts.suddenlaunch.com/index.cgi (the message board is old we never check it) TRY THIS INSTEAD-->(Email - mattmutt@hotmail.com (OR) diemutts@hotmail.com)

Breakmouth Annie

punk rock.


Stinkbomb began approximatly 3-4 years ago with Kriket on guitar, Charlie Garrison on vocals and other guys to fill in the rest. Fast forward 3 years and 12 (that's right 12) band members later and Stinkbomb finally found a solid lineup with Kriket on guitar, Joe Roe on bass and vocals, and Alex Freeman on Drums.




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