Erland, Megan Bonnell

“This train is bound for glory, oh this train…” the members of the band ERLAND huddle together and belt this old Woody Guthrie tune every time before stepping on stage. The song not only warms up their voices for the harmony infused set they are about to perform, it also represents the belief they have in the music they create together. The self proclaimed mantra embodies a collective feeling the four members of this group share, born from the unlikely assembly of a young band that has quickly accomplished so much. From recording a fan funded full length album, to self-funding a nationwide tour, ERLAND can’t help but feel their future is bright and they are in complete control.

Sonically, they craft a unique spin on the folk/roots revival with dynamic musicality and stunning lyrical precision. An iTunes review that reads "if Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon made an album" can be attributed to ERLAND's modern meets classic sound.

Megan Bonnell

In dreams, the real and the surreal interweave in a dizzying dance; elements of one exist within the context of the other. Indeed, the foiling of these forces is and has always been truly fascinating, and because of the parallels they share, so too is Hunt & Chase, the debut long-player from Ontario’s Megan Bonnell. Dropping Fall 2013 through Nevado Records, Hunt & Chase showcases sonic textures and lyrical themes that greatly belie her young age. The album is rooted in the real and organic – a very transparent take on subtly strummed guitar chords accompanied by a smoky, sophisticated voice; however, that core is often enveloped in a surreal, dream-like space that boldly and beautifully blurs the lines between asleep and awake – sometimes from song to song and sometimes within the same one.


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