Born and raised in the Pine Lawn neighborhood of Saint Louis, Missouri, Kareem Jackson has been honing his weaponry in the war for music supremacy. Through his unwavering integrity, genuine rhymes and expansive delivery, Kareem – better known as Tef Poe – is proving to the musical world that he is the commander-in-chief.

Tef Poe encompasses and continues to perfect the artistry and performance skills necessary to go the distance in today’s ever-changing musical climate. His growth and expansion has been expedited through many skirmishes. Originally building a reputation as one of St. Louis’ elite battle rappers earning him medals of honor such as Lyricist of the Year from the Evening Whirl… Tef has since risen through the ranks and positioned himself as a seasoned veteran. His solo projects “Glory To God,” “The Redeemer,” Money Never Sleeps”, & latest release “War Machine” have been well received by the public, critics, and media outlets alike.

Tef has commanded large crowds opening for Chicago’s Lupe Fiasco in addition to being featured in the SXSW Smoking Section Showcase. His hits “Show Stealers,” “Crazy,” and “Out The Kitchen” have successfully cut through the propaganda and reached the masses via radio play in multiple markets. In addition, Poe has been featured on major hip hop sites such as,,,, and several more.

Tef Poe continues to lead his own plan of attack working with local artists as well as performing throughout the country. He will win the battle and the war. For him, there is no other option aside from complete and total victory. That mindset propels him beyond commander-in-chief… to the War Machine.

Mai Lee

Singer/Songwriter Mai Lee is Saint Louis’ newest pop music sensation. At the tender age of 13, Mai Lee knew music would be her life’s ambition. Her unique voice is showcased on her newest single and video ’Fitness.’ The single will be featured on an eagerly awaited mixtape to be released late 2013. The mixtape will include a sultry mix of house, pop, and R&B tracks incorporating her own work in collaboration with the music industry’s powerhouse producers and music makers.

Bo Dean

Bo Dean is a 24 year old musician from St Louis Missouri. He fell in love with music at a young age; he would dance and sing to Michael Jackson whenever he came on. As he got older he got introduced to Hip Hop. His first rap album ever was Will Smith’s “Big Willie Style”. From then on, he knew that creating music was what he wanted to do for the rest of the life. As a teenager, while other peers were out partying or outside playing, Bo would sit in his room for hours and just write and come up with songs. In high school he dropped several mix tapes with his group H.B.N (Hustler’s By Nature) that gained them a nice following. As years passed, many relatives and peers passed away. Bo came to the realization that life isn’t promised. From then on he vowed to give his all in pursuing music. Since 2010 he has dropped a slew of mix tapes that are considered “life changing” to some “classics” to others and “whack” to no one. As the fall approaches, he is scheduled to release his next project entitled #MashUp. “It’s going to be a very creative and original piece of work”. Bo says. The best is yet to come.

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