Anthony Mansfield, Galen, DJ Gravity aka ROB ADELMANN

Anthony Mansfield

Anthony Mansfield has been on a 20-year journey through the world of
psychedelic dance music ever since attending the now-legendary full moon massives of
San Francisco’ s Wicked Crew in the early 90’ s. Anthony spent the rest of the decade
in New York, spreading the gospel of deep house across the Empire State with a late-
night radio show, his 8-year-running weekly, and the countless underground parties
that gave birth to his own crew, HectorWorks Soundsystem. After an exhausting and
debaucherous 2-year run as GM, talent booker, and resident DJ at upstate’ s largest live
music venue, The Odyssey, Anthony was ready to return to San Francisco.
Anthony hit the West Coast running in 2002, joining his old friend DJ M3 as
resident DJ and co-promoter of the infamous Green Gorilla Lounge in a string of
successful weekly club nights, true seat-of-your-pants underground parties, and blown-
out monthly events across the Bay Area, with some of the city’ s and world’ s best names
in dance music. Anthony has left his mark on Burning Man for the last decade as well,
at the Space Lounge, Green Gorilla, and Disco Knights sound camps, with a trail of
exhausted dancers and party people in the wake of his many epic sets on the playa.
Anthony has been producing his own particular brand of dance music since his
first release on Rong Records in ’ 04 with Ben Cook as “ Barfly” . Quickly moving to
found his own label, Hector Works, in 2005 with NYC deep-house production wizard
Nick Chacona, Anthony has worked with Garth, Tal M. Klein, Sneak-E Pete, M3, and
others in the last five years, releasing tracks on Gomma, Moodmusic, Aniligital , and
Om Records. His tunes have received nods (and plays) from some of the world’ s top
DJs, including Dimitri from Paris, Harvey, Greg Wilson, Doc Martin, Idjut Boys, Ivan
Smaggle, and Playgroup. Camped out in his room at Moulton Studios, Anthony is
currently hard at work on the 16th release for Hector Works, and looking forward to
taking a break for the Treasure Island Music Festival!

Galen founded Sunset Sound System by setting up a generator and speakers at a park in Berkeley, California every sunday to spin records he didn’t get a chance to play anywhere else. Word spread and soon many hundreds of people we’re dancing and picnicking while watching the sun set behind the San Francisco skyline. Today, Sunset Sound System is on the move with incredible boat and outdoor parties as well as the annual Sunset Campout Festival.
Galen developed his signature sound through these weekly jams and as well as his technically proficient yet fluid dj style. The psychedelic music scene of 90s San Francisco provided a launching point to his extensive vinyl collection the spans many genres from classic disco to post-punk to roots reggae and modern house music. His sets can travel a diverse range yet maintain a conscious groove of cohesiveness, always appropriate to the time and place. They are thoughtful, yet never pre-planned, with artfully-timed track selections that spark any dance floor, appealing to the old school just as much as the new.
Music productions have become a more frequent mode of expression for Galen. Release collaborations with Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, Lopazz, and Shiny Objects having laid the foundation to new solo endeavors. A handful exist now and are becoming more frequent as his bass & groove laden production style becomes more defined.


The Chicago area music scene provided the perfect backdrop for the early days of Rob Adelmann’s (aka DJ Gravity) funky, eclectic influences. Yet despite growing up in the birthplace of house music, Rob’s first real exposure to the genre came in 1997, while living in London. The thriving underground scene of UK’s capital sucked him in and left a lasting impression. In 1999, while living in Colorado, Rob bought turntables and began teaching himself the art of mixing, recalling advice he picked up from friends in London.
Within 6 months he found himself playing bars and clubs in Colorado. While living in Boulder, Rob had the good fortune of meeting future Pink Mammoth cofounder Ryel K, who invited him to camp and DJ at Pink Mammoth during Burning Man 2005. The Burning Man culture and his experience DJing there had such a profound effect that he was inspired to move to San Francisco shortly after.
Once in SF, Rob quickly became an integral part of Pink Mammoth’s foundation. Over the last six years Rob has DJed every Pink Mammoth event in venues all over SF, as well as parties throughout North America, including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Denver and Calgary. In addition to playing headlining sets, Rob has had the opportunity to share the decks with Lee Burridge, Marques Wyatt, Collette, Jimpster, Spirit Catcher, Justin Martin, Random Soul, Hed Kandi, Miguel Migs, AstroGlyde, DJ T and The Martinez Brothers.
Although rooted in funky and deep house, Rob’s sound is not easily defined. Whether playing an uplifting daytime party, epic sunset/sunrise set, or a peak time nightclub slot, his main source of inspiration comes from the dancefloor. Rather than sticking to a plan or sub-genre of house, Rob’s sets are based on reading the crowd and creating an irresistible vibe and unforgettable experience.
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DJ Sol

DJ Sol (aka - Dave Bailey) comes from a background of 3 generations of musician's, so music has always been a very intrigal part of his life. His father Rich Bailey, who played sax in his own jazz group, was very influential in developing his wide range of musical tastes during his childhood. This was in part due to his appreciation of a very wide range of dancable music, everything from Jazz and Funk to Disco, Reggae & Soul.

While growing up in the L.A. area, he was always exposed to the newest forms of music first. In the late 70's and early 80's he started listening to the newly emerging urban music called hip hop, which is what attracted him to the art of DJ'ing. He was introduced in 1981 to 1983 to artists like Kurtis Blow, The Crash Crew, Afrika Bambaataa, Treacherous 3, Fearless 4, Funky 4+1, and of course Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5. While attending high school in Santa Monica California, he began collecting DJ records and started DJing at home. He began making mixed tapes and doing small parties with his close friends as a hobby. At this point, his passion for music and DJ'ing had really begun to take hold. However, in his quest for the next big thing he started leaning his musical ear towards another new form of danceable music, which was Alternative Rock. This included artists such as; The Cure, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and The Smiths.

Further change was in 1988 -1992. It was during this time that he moved from LA to San Francisco to further his college education in broadcasting and studio engineering. He arrived just in time to be a part of the newly emerging San Francisco rave music scene. It was here that he was introduced to House, Techno and Trip-Hop at some of the infamous parties that took place during that era like, 'Space Children', 'Full Moon' and 'Wicked'. These parties featured some early pioneer's of DJ'ing that type of music, such as Doc Martin, Garth and Jeno. So he started aggressively pushing his DJ'ing career in 1995, which is when he started working with DJ friend Sean Evans (aka - DJ Seven), and hasn't looked back since.

The style of music he spins is constantly changing, but always remains cutting edge. He currently spins an eclectic combination of House, Breaks, Hip-Hop, Mash-up's, Reggae & Funk. He has been nominated for the past three years for one of SF's best DJ's on the's Dreamteam poll, and was also voted in the top five for's Clubby's awards held at Ruby Skye in 2000. He currently DJ's with NK7 productions and throws the b-weekly party Vivid, which is now in it's 4th year.

Space Cowboys

$10 - 20 sliding scale

Here comes our second and final fund raiser before we pack everything into the back of the Unimog and drive into the great wild. One more dress rehearsal before opening night. You can use the practice and we can use the money. In 2012 we kept our heads down, toured the field and danced in our neighbors’ yards. But you missed us and we missed us, so we’re whipping it out two days early with new secret weapons and plenty of that funky stuff you’ll never forget. The Hoedown is sneaking up from Friday to Wednesday night this year and that’s just the beginning of the surprises we've got in store. We’re calling all Ningas and Ghetto Geishas to join us for a Samurai Showdown of truly epic proportions. We’re not quite ready to reveal exactly where, exactly what, or exactly when it all begins and ends but, like all truly great things, you’ll know it when you see/hear/taste it.

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