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Adam Walker

Adam Walker is a folk-rock singer-songwriter with 15 years experience and an extensive repertoire of original music. His memorable and melodic acoustic style borrows from influences such as Bob Dylan, James Taylor, The Beatles, and Jim Croce. His goal is to reintroduce the world to stripped-down acoustic rock without the gimmicks or pretensions: one voice, one guitar, and a real connection to the audience through the art of music.

Brian Travis Band

The Brian Travis Band formed in Hollywood in December 2002, and has played its way into a number of legendary LA venues while generating a large fan base and critical acclaim in the Los Angeles area for their rock-heavy, soaring California sound.

Expanding their fan base well beyond Los Angeles, the band frequently tour the west coast and the UK. In fall of 2004 the band completed a 19 date UK club tour playing venues in Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland. The band have recently caught the attention of Ranch Recording, an indi-label in Santa Barbara, Ca. and have signed on with Ranch to record the follow-up to their recent self-produced release "Past The Breakers" with producer Cyrus Clarke.

News of the Fire

Shirts muffle toms, while amps double as uncomfortable chairs. We hunch over our instruments to avoid the stacks of papers that rise to the ceilings of our dorms. During the day, we study. At night, we hunt for chances to play our music. As four college students strewn across the southern California landscape, we escape hectic schedules and revel in our music. First introduced to live music in our own backyard, The Coachella Music Festival spurred us forward and revealed to us the energy and vitality that lay beyond the insular environment of the desert cities. We carry these same ideals with us today as we create our music in dorm rooms and century old basements, braving the discomfort and cramped conditions to put the excitement and energy of live music into each note. It's this feeling of enthusiasm that pervades our playing, apparent both in our recordings and especially on-stage.

Our music has been described as having the punch of early Kings of Leon with a stomach kick from Modest Mouse, but with the vitality of the most recent Cold War Kids record. Personally, we prefer to align our music with the sonic sincerity made by an eagle as it soars into the sunset, while still maintaining that explosive energy cheetahs produce launching after a gazelle on the African savanna. To foodies, we describe ourselves as a blackened wild salmon filet, served over a bed of al dente garden vegetables, and covered in a cayenne bourbon demi-glace. We soothe, we excite, and we fulfill.


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