Deception Of A Ghost

We are not a band that approaches politics or a certain political stance on things. For the most part some of us have no such stance. We're not a part of bullhorn preaching or religion. If you get a sense of spiritual inspiration from our songs then great. If you get a feeling of personal encouragement then we are all for that. But our goal is not to persuade you to think a certain way. Our goal isn't to try and make you believe in a God or follow a particular way of life. You do not have to claim a certain group or affiliation to fit in. There are many messages concerning politics, Christianity, atheism, vegan, etc., and that's great they are out there. These are the people doing exactly what we aim to tell others to do. We want you to follow your dreams and your heart excluding what others close to you may think or say. Your life is just that. It's yours. Live it for you and no one else. Our goal is simply to let you know there is never any fitting mold and if this band does anything for you we hope that it encourages you to think for yourself and voice your ideas. With timeless efforts we will tell you to step outside of following mindless and careless lifestyles and be you. And to never let anything stand in your way of doing so. That we are all individuals and we need to embrace something so valuable. With that being said we are Deception Of A Ghost.

Into the Flood

Into The Flood is a metal band from Seattle Washington.
We are a band that believes that YOU are the start of a positive change in the people that surround you. We believe that YOU can help communities and cities change. We believe that YOU have purpose. We are imperfect. We are a group of normal guys that face the same struggles as you do in our everyday lives. We will not judge you for who you are and what you believe because that is not our place in this world.

Fusing elements of post-hardcore, metal, punk, & progressive rock, VIA have something for everyone. From their intricate guitar work in “For the Greater Good” to the impassioned vocals in “How Am I Not Myself?” you can not only hear but feel the spirit that goes into every written note & lyric.

Upon Discovery

We are a Melodic Hardcore based band, and we love works of art~
We are a local band in Delaware just having fun making music we love.

Luke Montgomery - Vocals
Ryan Giordano - Guitar
Drew Gretz - Guitar
Tommy Hagen - Bass
Nonny Gretz - Drums

Lowdown 302

Lowdown is a Hard Rock/Metal band from Wilmington DE started in 1997, reincarnated in 2006. Lowdown brings to their crowds a thrilling, high energy and highly entertaining live show consisting of both covers and original tunes. 13 song album "Erase the Memories" is available on iTunes and at www.lowdown302.lcom

Brent Johnson - Vocals/Guitar
Larry Dubin - Bass/Vocals
Matt Bernardo - Drums
Rob Williams - Guitar

$8.00 - $10.00


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