The members of the Long Island based rock band Blameshift have been blazing their independent path across the nation over the better part of 5 years, logging well over 200,000 miles of touring terrain. During that time the band could easily have taught a collegiate level course on band survival. With a high powered list of sponsors, their music as a full time job and a tour bus, (a literal bus), powered by vegetable oil, the band headed from New York to Los Angeles in late Nov 2012 to finish their full length album with producer Erik Ron (VersaEmerge, Good Charlotte, Panic at the Disco). What resulted was the full commercially driven sound that Blameshift has been envisioning since their inception. Expected release date April 2013.

The hype began about a year and a half ago when the band released their EP The Black Rose, a record fully funded by the bands loyal fans through a site called To return the favor the band offered a 100% free EP download in exchange for a facebook "like." Over 75 related music media outlets, including Taco Bell and Sullen Clothing, supported the bands release, nearly tripling their facebook likes and spreading the music further than they thought possible.

Soon after that release the band shot a music video with director Jay Sansone for their single "Ghost" off the Black Rose. As timing would have it Hot Topic coined the band Unsigned Band of the Month for August 2011 along with premiering the new music video. Within a very short time the band had over 100,000 hits as channels like BlankTV began pushing it as well. As "Ghost" became ever so popular it began climbing the charts into the top 10 at both alternative addiction radio & Rock charts. MTV featured two songs from band on the hit seriers "The Real World" soon after their music video started making waves. To top it all, the youtube gaming world began using "Ghost" in montages for the game Call of Duty, reaching over 1.5 million views, making Blameshift an official youtube partner.

Blameshift left for the road December 31, 2011 for a 4 month tour around US and hasn't been home since. After playing numerous showcases at SXSW 2012 the band made is back to NY, only to find out they'd be right out on the road again for the summer with Straight Line Stitch. As their tour concluded in W Hollywood, CA late May, Blameshift got the confirmation that they'd be hitting the road with 12 Stones, Digital Summer and Throwing Gravity, nearly another month and a half of shows! A month later the band decided to repeat many of those same markets on their first ever headlining tour in the midwest with direct support from Dive. As that tour concluded Blameshift got added to the Reverbnation Tour which kicks off Jan 2013.

DIVE is the nom-de-plume of Z. Cole Smith, musical provocateur and front-man of an atmospheric and autumnally-charged new Brooklyn four-piece.
Recently inked to the uber-reliable Captured Tracks imprint, DIVE created instant vibrations in the blog-world with their impressionistic debut Sometime; finding it's way onto the esteemed pages of Pitchfork and Altered Zones a mere matter of weeks after the group's formation.
Enlisting the aid of NYC indie-scene-luminary, Devin Ruben Perez, former Smith Westerns drummer Colby Hewitt, and Mr. Smith's childhood friend Andrew Bailey, DIVE craft a sound that is at once familial and frost-bitten. Indebted to classic kraut, dreamy Creation-records psychedelia, and the primitive-crunch of late-80's Seattle, the band walk a divisive yet perfectly fused patch of classic-underground influence.
One part THC and two parts MDMA; the first offering from DIVE chemically fuses the reminiscent with the half-remembered building a musical world out of old-air and new breeze. These are songs that remind us of love in all it's earthly perfections and perversions.
A lot of DIVE's magnetism was birthed in the process Mr. Smith went through to discover these initial compositions. After returning from a US tour with Beach Fossils, Cole made a bold creative choice, settling into the window-facing corner of a painter's studio in Bushwick, sans running water, holing up to craft his music.
In this AC-less wooden room, throughout the thick of the summer, Cole surrounded himself with cassettes and LP's, the likes of Lucinda Williams, Arthur Russell, Faust, Nirvana, and Jandek; writings of N. Scott Momaday, James Welsh, Hart Crane, Marianne Moore, and James Baldwin; and dreams of aliens, affection, spirits, and the distant natural world (as he imagined it from his window facing the Morgan L train).
The resulting music is as cavernous as it is enveloping, asking you to get lost in it's tangles in an era that demands your attention be focused into 140 characters.
"Sometime" hit stores on October 11th with a second single to follow November 29, culminating in an early March EP release.




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