Back from the grave yet again, Los Angeles three piece POPDeFECT rises from
their ashes buried downtown by Al’s Bar to play the Echo Park Rising festival at
The Echoplex Saturday, August 19 th 5:50 to 6:20.
At the time of their untimely death in 2000, POPDeFECT (Guitarist Alan
Anderson, Bassist Charlie Hutchinson, and supposed Drummer Nickei Scott) had
played nearly every venue there was to play in Los Angeles, as well as many of
the back yards, released four Albums, five EP’s, ten 45’s, three videos, a
cassette, and a slew of compilation tracks and split singles, and appeared in a
documentary movie and a mockumentary movie, becoming one of the most
famous unknown bands in history.
Following their successful resurrection in 2013, the band has played limited
shows in both Los Angeles and Seattle, once again dancing on the heads of
punks that believed them long dead. The indescribable “What IS that?!” of their
music, a combination of surf, punk, feedback, outright noise, and pop will make
even the most jaded hipster or lumbersexual set down their beer and take notice.
George Romero may be dead and not coming back, but POPDeFECT has, and
for the foreseeable future.

Insect Surfers

Los Angeles's Insect Surfers are "Planet Earth's Longest Running Modern Surf Band," having brought their unique and instantly recognizable brand of rockin' psychedelic surf instrumentals to the world in one way or another since 1979.

$10.00 - $12.00


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