Punk Jews DVD Release Screening

Punk Jews DVD Release Screening

After a year in the theaters, the long anticipated Punk Jews DVD will finally be released, which includes 30 minutes of bonus features. Join us in celebration as we bring the film back to the big screen in NYC. Featured "Punk Jews" artists, Moshiach Oi (8.45 pm) and Breslov Bar Band (9.30pm) will be rocking the night away following the film.

Film Synopsis:
Punk Jews follows a community of artists, activists, and musicians in NYC who are expressing their Jewish identity in unconventional ways that challenge stereotypes, breakdown barriers, and defy the norm. Featuring Hassidic punk rockers, Moshiach Oi; Radical performance group, the Sukkos Mob; the renegade Orthodox participants of Cholent; the Amazing Amy Yoga Yenta; Kal Holczler, founder of Voices of Dignity; and African American Jewish hip hop sensation Y-Love.

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