Wolf People

Wolf People

The brainchild of singer and guitarist Jack Sharp, Wolf People started in 2005 when Sharp recorded a demo album in the English town of Bedford. Named after the children’s book Little Jacko and the Wolf People, the band is a throwback to the bluesy psychedelia of Cream, Traffic, and early Jethro Tull, tackling the sounds of the past with a kind of nostalgic reverence. To fill out the lineup, Sharp recruited drummer Tom Watt, guitarist Joe Hollick, and bassist Dan Davies. The band released a few singles and EPs before pulling off a bit of a coup on the other side of the pond, becoming the first British band to sign to the indie label Jagjaguwar. Wolf People had a busy release year in 2010, putting out both the Tidings collection and their first proper album, Steeple. The more theatrical and psych-touched sophomore album Fainarrived in 2013.

Golden Animals

Picture the Gun Club starring in a Jodorowsky film, or a modern-day Doors with a rhythmically advanced Nico on drums, and you'll begin to understand the vibrations surrounding Golden Animals. Golden Animals began in 2006 as a collaboration between Baltimore-native songwriter Tommy Eisner and Swedish fashion-model-turned-drummer Linda Beecroft. They have been on their own trip since day one, influenced equally by three years based in the meditative expanse of the Southern California desert and three years submerged in the intoxicating hustle of New York. Musically, in simple terms, they are a song-based band with a large, dense sound achieved with minimal elements, blending rock & roll, blues-pop & post-punk into their own psychedelic sonic texture. The band's new LP, made in Brooklyn with Matt Boynton (MGMT / Kurt Vile), will be out this July. They have recently expanded their sound and are now joined by John Brodeur (The Morning After Girls / Soren Well) on guitar.

Ruby The Hatchet

Ruby the Hatchet is an American heavy psych rock band from a cadaverous funeral prism. Their work fuses the sinister tactic of brainwash with blistering riffs and the rebellious mood of sorcery. Seething and spitting, Ruby hammers behemoth waves of dogma and doom. Your ears shall lay savaged by their punishing tones.


Debut album The Door Into Summer features the production and musical collaboration of Greg Weeks and his wife Jessica. The act is signed to Greg and Jessica's Language of Stone record label. Additional contributors to Ex Reverie's sound are Ben McConnel, Margie Wienk, Art Difuria and Gillian's husband, David Chadwick.

Gillian Chadwick has also performed with Jessica Weeks as Woodwose, and with Sharron Kraus as Rusalnaia, in addition to being a contributing member to the band Golden Ball which she co-founded with her husband.



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