Sweatheart, Hank & Cupcakes (Friday)


With records fit for the soundtrack to 80′s movie, ‘Valley Girl’ and a live show reminiscent of a house party, Philadelphia’s well dressed Sweatheart are your best friends and favorite entertainers. What began with drug-rugs, acoustics guitars, and Bell Biv Devoe covers as a distraction to relieve the pressures of an art opening, Thom Lessner and Rose Luardo have continued to push Sweatheart in every direction they want to, from dinner theater to arena rock. With Thom’s love for pop metal and Rose’s for new wave alongside rippers: Dave Pap, Brian Langan and Amanda Blank, this is a band high on fun and living in the moment. Somewhat of a ‘bands band’, members of Sweatheart have collaborated with The Darkness, Spinto Band, SantiGold, Spank Rock, Diplo, etc. Their 2005 debut record, ‘So Cherri’ (Tone Arm) was a minimal drum machine gem of tasty hooks and included the youtube fav, ‘Fingerbangin’. After a mess of limited mixtapes, the band released ‘Tell Your Sister’ (Free News) in 2010 with a much bigger rock sound and soon adapted this to their live shows. Always moving forward, Sweatheart’s new record, ‘Sittin Pretty’ (Free Energy Records) is set to land late summer 2013.

Hank & Cupcakes (Friday)

Flush with simmering sexuality and irresistible dance pulse, Brooklyn-based Hank & Cupcakes are the coalescence of rock without guitars and pop without synthesizers. Hailing from Tel Aviv, the duo consist of powerhouse vocalist/drummer Cupcakes and bassist/pedal board magician Hank. Named in reference to Charles “Hank” Bukowski and one of his real-life lovers "Cupcakes," they have been honing their explosive live performances in front of US audiences. Earlier this year the band were able to leave their label BMG to gain back their independence and self-release their debut album ‘NAKED’. Fully realized now, the band is on an extensive album release summer tour with their show being a raucous bash, where the mesmerizing Cupcakes stands to bang her drum kit only breaking the beat to catalyze a dance party with the crowd.

Love & Loss in the Recession. "The Optimist" is the human condition as told through the eyes of the young men of City Rain. While every man has the capability to create his or her own personal hell, there is inversely their capability to manifest redemption. "The Optimist" is the story of the way back. Having graduated from Temple University in 2009 Ben Runyan and Scott Cumpstone lived 2 very different lives but were on a path to a familiar place. Ben was starting the City Rain moniker playing hipster nodding electronic shows while Scott was busy treating the pop rock circuit to his brand of guitar. Between then and "The Optimist" Runyan would lose the love of this short life, lose 2 close friends, have his brain fried after 12 years of SSRI use , lose 2 jobs, work 3, and all the while build his name. Despite it all he kicked the can far enough down the rode to meet Cumpstone at distinctly the right moment. Forming the new duo in late 2012, "The Optimist" was born. It was born knowing that we are all terminal. But despite the fate of our demise, we find one thing to recognize. It's our fulfillment.

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