Marathon Village Engine Block Party w/ Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble formed in 2010 out of the ashes of a few other bands, and not by chance, Ty Taylor (vocal) and Nalle Colt (guitar) teamed up with drummer Richard Danielson and bassist Rick Barrio Dill. They entered The Bomb Shelter Studio, recorded an album's worth of material in three days, which was intended to be demos and ended up being pressed into CDs. The Bomb Shelter Sessions became Vintage Trouble’s first album. Selling it at their gigs was easy and not surprisingly so were the calls to feature their music in several commercial media.

With a unified decision to stay in Los Angeles to build their musical foundation as a band, weekly residences in the area lead to a large assembly of fans in a short amount of time. These fans became known as the "TroubleMakers." It was that underground buzz that lead to legendary manager Doc McGhee taking notice and signing Vintage Trouble to his roster after hearing only a single chorus. Doc's first order of business became breaking the band in England, right away. Their first venture overseas resulted in a similar groundswell with Music Weekly naming them 2011 Breakout Artist of the Year and HMV hailing them as their "Next Big Thing.”

Their return to the U.S. and Harvelle's was nothing short of epic, with a line forming down the block before the club even opened. Vintage Trouble felt the homecoming as a true testament to their fans’ dedication at spreading the word and sharing their music. The crowd inside was just as amped; young and old, newbies and old faithful, all anticipating the transference of energy from the band to their soles. Vintage Trouble didn't disappoint. The next day the band would be on a plane back to London to appear on Later… with Jools Holland. This performance was one of the most talked about of the year, blowing up Twitter as the 6th most tweeted topic worldwide just hours after the show. The very next day, their self-released debut, The Bomb Shelter Sessions entered the charts, becoming the No. 1 "R&B Album" and No. 2 "Rock Album" on Amazon UK—No. 6 on Amazon overall and No. 13 on iTunes, charting in the "UK Top 40" by the time it was officially released in July.

The band went on to play 80 shows in 100 days in front of an estimated 400,000 people throughout the UK and Germany. The next three months brought them an opportunity playing theaters, opening for Brian May's Anthems Tour, and then as the support for Bon Jovi in stadiums and arenas on the UK, Ireland and German legs of the tour, playing to over 200,000 people in just under two weeks—all the while headlining smaller venues, after-hours clubs, and pubs. Guitarist Magazine ran a feature about Nalle, and The Bomb Shelter Sessions was named one of the "Top 25 Guitar Albums of the Year” by Total Guitar Magazine. They won the Classic Rock Award for "Best New Band of 2011"—an honor that German Music Magazine would also bestow upon them.

Things exploded around their penultimate show in Glasgow. The demand for tickets was so great that they were bumped up from a 500 seat venue to play for over 800 freshly converted “TroubleMakers.” Ty was invited to front Queen for Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday celebration in London, setting the stage for Vintage Trouble to embark on their third overseas tour, with destinations including Italy, Germany, Paris, Belgium, and the Netherlands. They played Hyde Park Main Stage twice in eight days (The Wireless Festival and Hard Rock Calling). They were featured on Sky News, recorded an MTV The Studio Sessions with Tony Visconti, in addition to 17 live radio sessions throughout the tour, including Radio 2- Janice Long, 6 Music With Craig Charles, Q Radio, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Scotland.

2012 proved to be just as busy. The band sold out The Troubadour in Los Angeles and took up residencies at both The Cosmopolitan and Hard Rock Hotels in Las Vegas. Their first video "Nancy Lee," filmed entirely with an iPhone, won at the Original iPhone Film Fest, not just taking the Music Video category, but the festival's grand prize as well. In February, Google Music selected Vintage Trouble as the featured artist at Sundance where their live performance rocked the film community and they made their first appearance in Rolling Stone. Their too-brief Australian tour included the Sydney Festival and the Australian Film Awards and was met with such an overwhelming response that a return trip is guaranteed sooner rather than later. Vintage Trouble’s SXSW showcase in Austin was named "the fourth best live performance of the festival" by Paste Magazine (only behind The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jack White and Bruce Springsteen). In celebration of the official U.S. release of The Bomb Shelter Sessions, Best Buy also featured Vintage Trouble on their TV screens in stores nationwide.

The release of The Bomb Shelter Sessions, combined with their electric live show has catapulted Vintage Trouble into the US limelight, earning them a sponsorship by Supercuts, an iTunes rock download of the week for new song “Pelvis Pusher,” along with praise from NPR, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal and Billboard for what The New York Times raves, "Like Otis Redding, Vintage Trouble makes music that is a little bit of everything ... You can slow dance, groove, rock and let it all go."

Following unforgettable TV performances on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live, Vintage Trouble recently wowed audiences at this year's SXSW festival, capturing the attention of Yahoo Music who raves, “Imagine James Brown singing lead for Led Zeppelin, and you’ll get an idea of Vintage Trouble’s muscular, in-the-pocket sound.”

Vintage Trouble is currently on a world tour that has already seen them open for Lenny Kravitz, The Cranberries, Joss Stone and recently, The Who. Their world tour continues in 2013 with performances at Coachella, Glastonbury and Rock In Rio, a Japanese headlining run and The Who’s European Tour. The band will open for The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park in London this July, and will return to the US for a headlining tour in August.

Vintage Trouble’s Ty Taylor, Nalle Colt, Richard Danielson and Rick Barrio Dill together form a quartet of sincere musicians whose combination of hard work, talent, and luck are undoubtedly going to take them right where they deserve to be: on our radios, in our cars, our headphones, our televisions, at the venues where we go to see our favorite bands and on the soundtrack of our favorite moments in life.

By Nick Faigen


Covered in kudzu and swathed in a blanket of humidity, spanish moss, feedback and reverb exists Futurebirds; six Georgia natives who currently call Athens "home." In 2009, these folks self-produced and released the six song Futurebirds EP—one of undeniable character. Less than a year later, there was a full-length in the can. That album, Hampton's Lullaby, garnered praise for its Appalachian harmonies and ethereal melodies. The band toured, and continues to tour in 2011, in support of that collection of songs, as well as in anticipation of two spring releases. The first, Via Flamina, a four song collection of new originals and inspired covers, dropped on April Fools Day via multiple formats. Only a few weeks later, on April 19th, Autumn Tone Records released a re-mastered version of the original EP. Sooner than later, Athens' own up-and-coming label, Holy Owned Subsidiary, will offer the EP on One Hundred and Fifty Gram vinyl in a package featuring art hand-fashioned by the band. Only Four Hundred copies will be available.

During May and June, the band will support Grace Potter on the Bonnaroo Buzz Tour and perform at Bonnaroo, as well as tour with Drive-By Truckers and headline AthFest 2011.

The band hopes to find your face in the crowd.

Carter King - guitar, banjo, drums, vox
Daniel Womack - Acoustic, Banjo, Vox
Payton Bradford - Drums, guitar, banjo, vox
Thomas Johnson - Guitar, mandolin, banjo, vox
Dennis Love - pedal steel
Brannen Miles - Bass


Kansas Bible Company

The Kansas Bible Company came into being during the dog days of summer 2008 at Goshen College in Goshen, In. A band of boys congregated in the garage of Vita House, "life house", and began playing rock and roll music. Through encounters with aliens, Bible thumpers, holy rollers, cigarette machines, Teenage Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the KBC, as they have come to be known, have stretched the boundaries of space and time.

Through the first two years of being, the Kansas Bible Company played a variety of shows in the Elkhart County area in northern Indiana - from house shows to high school dances to benefits, community events and whatever came their way. They were finding their sound, their style. The band was made up of only seven members at that time.

Over the past year the band has added four new members and has seen incredible growth in musical ability. Their sound and performance has matured. In the fall of 2010, the boys decided to pursue music seriously. They have been playing shows regularly throughout Indiana and southern Michigan, and moved to Nashville in the late summer of 2011. Since then they have really been cookin'.

Moving to Nashville has been an incredible, almost unthinkable step for the Company. How do eleven people move to a new city, some even dropping out of college, to pursue rock and roll music? How does one build such a planet? It takes trust, faith, confidence, and a lot of good old fashioned common sense. They found a huge house that could fit them all, a bedroom each, four full baths, large common rooms, and practice space big enough to accommodate eleven young gentlemen. All at a rock bottom price. There was one catch- the house was shambles. Many of the previous tenants had been squatters and/or former hard drug users. The first month they had work on their hands. Cleaning, painting, fixing, and thank the lord, music, became their full time jobs. They turned the decrepit house into a home. It is now even complete with a musical venue and bar - the Red Rum Saloon. Christened "Hotel Chicamauga" after the street they live on in east Nashville, their house is a beacon for music lovers everywhere. With such an accomplished challenge under the Company's belt, they are closer than ever. The music is literally pouring out of their souls. They are working their way into the music scene in Nashville and playing venues throughout the midwest and the south.

Many things set this band apart from other groups. They are a large group with a full horn section, a rarity in such a young, independent, rock and roll band. The Kansas Bible Company is first and foremost a group of close friends that live and work communally together. They are more than just a group of musicians. They do everything together - eat, sleep, work, workout, shop, camp, talk, philosophize, etc. And playing music is at the center of it all. The community they share comes through in their music, it goes hand in hand. An audience member can see the connection they share on stage. Their chemistry is electric. Often times they will refer to each other as brothers. A band of 11 brothers playing rock and roll, surf and soul.

DeRobert & The Half-Truths

DeRobert & The Half-Truths are the house band of Murfreesboro, TN indie funk label - G.E.D. Soul Records. The band is made up of a collective of musicians who write, record, and produce the majority of the labels output. In 2008, the band cut their first 7 inch with DeRobert "Dee" Adams adding his powerful vocals to the
mix. After a handful of well received 45s, DeRobert and company released their debut full length, "Soul In A Digital World." in May of 2010. Their follow up project the "Beg Me" EP was released July 26, 2011 on 7 inch vinyl as well as digitally.

Noise Floor

Noise Floor a sonic dimension on the outskirts of the known, observable universe. In short, they will, rock your socks off.

Future Unlimited

Future Unlimited are a duo from Nashville, TN that is comprised of David Miller and Samuel D'Amelio. Upon realizing their common interest in french touch, 80's no-wave, post-punk and everything in-between, the two ultimately formed a musical bond that serves as the core influence in their music. After only a handful of live shows and appearances at SXSW, Future Unlimited was highlighted by both and NME Magazine as one of the top bands to watch at SXSW in 2012. The band later performed at Art Basel 2012 in Miami, opening for such acts as Chromeo and playing a private show at Soho House's exclusive Soho Beach House Miami.

Future's story starts in 2007 when Samuel was finishing his bachelors degree in Psychology and DJ'ing on the side to pay bills. Dave was drumming in a post-punk band based out of Nashville, having come off of a long stint in New York City break dancing on broadway. The two lived in separate apartments that sat ontop of eachother, but it wasn't until one night when Sam was blasting Alan Braxe through some paper thin floors that Dave realized they had more in common than they thought. They became good friends but eventually went their separate ways, both moving away from Nashville in early 2009. It wasn't until Sam's return to Nashville in early 2011 and Dave needing a change of pace that Future's sound began to develop. Over the course of six months, the two wrote and produced over fifteen songs (five of which are found on the duo's debut EP), which ultimately rooted itself in synthesizer solidarity. With no motivation other than the music itself, the duo began playing shows with a changing roster of hired gun guitarists and the former bassist of Dave's previous band. Within a few weeks after finishing the first set of material, the duo financially struggled to translate their "digital works" for multiple SXSW appearances. Without label support or investors, Dave and Sam decided to slow down the frequency of performances due to being unsatisfied with the translation to live. Over the next few months, the guys focused their efforts on writing new material and honing in on their sound. It wasn't until October of 2012, when the band decided to release a single titled 'Haunted Love,' did the future take an unusual twist.

Word from Dave & Sam:

Future is nothing more than the output of a daily consuming passion for writing and producing music. Yeah, we happen to use (and fucking love) some vintage synthesizers so there are some labeling pitfalls there, but that's us. It's two guys sharing a cramped one bedroom apartment who work night jobs to free up the days for writing. We're not trust fund kids. We're not from families involved in the music industry -- nor do we care or wish we had been. Who we are and where we've come from make our sound, make our story. What you see and hear is the bootstrap efforts to bring it beyond our little room. We've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and are grateful for every day we're able to do what we love doing. We offer up to you the things that make us happy, make us sad, make us reminisce. Hopefully, it does the same to you.

With all respect - Dave and Sam

Heroes & Villians

"We're only interested in making music you can fight or strip to..."

Daniel Disaster and Pete Heartless, production duo behind Heroes x Villains, begin as two punk kids from the depths of the Dirty South, notorious for blowing speakers during their chaotic DJ sets as teenagers.

The pair remain creatively connected, despite divergent lifestyles: Heartless maintains a quiet, relatively normal life while Disaster seems content to exist with his feet dangling ever so slightly over the edge. He spends several years behind the boards at Grand Hustle Records as an engineer working alongside the likes of Justin Timberlake, Lil' Wayne, T.I. and Young Jeezy.

Armed with this experience, roots in punk/hardcore and an appreciation for Southern rap music, Heroes x Villains start their ascent with warbling, bass heavy, electronic dance music remixes of Waka Flocka Flame's 'Oh Let's Do It' and Gucci Mane's 'Lemonade'. These, a remix of Lil' Jon and Diplo's 'U Don't Like Me' and several others make up 'We Off That,' their first mixtape which garners critical acclaim.

Less speakers burst into flames these days but Heroes x Villains DJ sets remain as caustic as ever. Stage diving and raucous mosh pits are regular occurrences; champagne spraying in every direction and half naked women moving in ways their parents wouldn't likely approve of come standard. The raw, occult like energy and track selection is a manifestation of how Disaster and fans of Heroes x Villains choose to live: shameless, unrepentant, maximalist hedonism.

Heroes x Villains barreled into 2012 as diverse and dangerous as ever. Beginning in early January, they introduced the weekly 'BLXRRD OXT' series, manipulating records like Young Jeezy's ode to intoxication 'WXY 2 GXNE' and England's dark pop princess Charlie XCX 'NUXLEAR SEAXONX' into soundtracks for a haunting, drug-addled haze.

And in February, showcasing the two year progression of Southern rap music fusing with electronic dance elements, comes rising Atlanta rap group FKi's mixtape 'Transformers In The Hood' produced by Diplo, Heroes x Villains and Atlanta EDM producer Mayhem.

With genre-bending, rule breaking unpredictability as their calling card, it's pointless to attempt to figure out what Heroes x Villains may do next... best to just sign the waiver and enjoy the ride.

Five Knives

$15 GA/$135 VIP

Off Sale

The Marathon Village (Engine) Block Party is a celebration of music, performance, food, and art. It is home to some of Nashville's most creative and eclectic businesses including Lightning 100, Nashville's Independent Radio, Marathon Music Works, Corsair Artisan Distillery, The Bang Candy Company, Garage Coffee, and 5 Points Digital Imaging.

Marathon Village (Engine) Block Party will host an outdoor stage ft. performances by Vintage Trouble, Red Bull Sound Select Artists Futurebirds, Kansas Bible Company, & DeRobert & The Half-truths; an indoor dance extravaganza featuring performances by Heroes & Villians, Future Unlimited, Five Knives, Noise Floor, aerial performances and more; an indoor food truck court curated by the Nashville Food Truck Association, & a neighborhood vendor village showcasing the wares of Marathon's most talented artisans. We truly hope you'll come fall in love with Marathon Village, Nashville's best-kept secret!

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