Steel Phantoms

Punk w/ Atmosphere…
Former drummer of Montreal indie group Islands, Aaron Harris entered the Brooklyn scene in 2009 when he started Steel Phantoms. Jesse Newkirk soon joined the band, and the combination of pointed songcrafting and dynamic stage shows has been dazzling crowds since. The Harris/Newkirk duo melds elements from the history of proto-punk, alternative, and modern indie to reach wide-ranging territory unexpected from a two-piece. Nevertheless, Harris’s fervid vocals and exhilarating drumming joined with Newkirk’s aggressive, ethereal guitar make for a definitive sound throughout.

Sic Tic

Sex phone saxophone. Frankies in the ladies room.

My Roaring Twenties

Jack Frederick planted the seed and waterred the seed and picked the wheat and ground the wheat and made the flour and turned it to dough and baked the bread and now you can eat it.

He also played the guitar, tamborine, sampler, synthesizer, drums, accordion, and trombone. Then he recorded it and mixed it in Sunnyside, Queens.

Bethlehem Steel


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