Denver, Nashville, Portland, Chico, Asheville, Madison, and Lafayette will participate in the Second Annual BandSwap, hosted by Fort Collins' own SpokesBUZZ. The concept of BandSwap is fairly simple - take seven bands from Fort Collins and Denver with a good-sized local audience draw and partner them with artists from other cities with similar crowd numbers in their respective markets. Getting members of each community, from venue owners to local government and arts officials, to work on staging events that expose out-of-town artists to a built-in, welcoming fan base is a radical concept.

The second BandSwap is scheduled to commence in the last two weekends in September 2013. The first weekend in October, the bands will return to Fort Collins and Denver accompanied by the partnering bands from the other cities, for a full weekend extravaganza of music.

BandSwap is simultaneously helping artists to develop, while stimulating the local economy through tourism and arts and culture organizations in the host cities.

Madison, WI based, Sexy Ester, is infused with so much John Hughesian charm a movie soundtrack couldn't contain it all. Sharp, smart, and deadly accurate with their hook laden Post-Modern Power Pop they're ready to take the US by force. Fronted by honey voiced Lyndsay Evans, who controls the stage like the Divas of old and ably backed by Adam Edar on guitar, Paul Kennedy on drums, Brad Schubert on bass, and Roscoe Evans on keyboards, Sexy Ester is no flash in the pan. They've already payed a lot of dues slugging it out in the smaller clubs and dives all over the Midwest. Their newest CD, "Sequins, Sin, & Appetite", is fast becoming a staple of college radio and the venues are getting bigger and bigger. The band swept the Alternative category at this year's Madison Area Music Awards taking home Performer, Song, and Album of the Year. Lead Singer, Lyndsay Evans, was honored with the Female Vocalist of the Year award.

Common Anomaly

Common Anomaly is four friends who share a love of making music that presents itself as a cyborg: songs rooted in the organic qualities of voice and string suffused with electronic rhythms. The end result is progressive and dancey, post-rock.

"Common Anomaly – outshined the headliner and, quite honestly, they stole the show. (They were) a particularly awesome surprise. Apparently the band is a recent Denver transplant from Fort Collins. Once I could get past the weird spectacle of the shirtless, hirsute bass player doing his best Angus-Young-meets-Jack-Black moves, it was easy to love these guys. Danceable, sometimes trippy, melodic rock – think Explosions in the Sky with lyrics, or Foals with a garage rock sensibility. Really fun to watch and even more fun to dance to. I also learned their CD was mixed at Blasting Room Studios, which definitely gives them cred with me. Keep an eye on this band.'
-Laura Keeney, Denver Post Reverb

Sky Road Fly

Sky Road Fly is a high energy rock trio from Madison, WI. Since 2008, they have been stirring a cauldron of diverse influences to create a highly addictive, intoxicating brew to quench your thirst for the intense and to unite the divided.

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