Brazil Day Austin: a celebration of Brazilian music & culture

Maracatu Austin

Maracatu Austin is a percussion group that focuses its studies on the many diverse rhythms from the Northeastern culture of Brazil. Our goal is to create cultural awareness and and community through the drum. While not a traditional Maracatu society, our main focus is to study and learn about the rich and powerful rhythms of Maracatu drumming . It is also our mission to admire,study and share many rhythms of the World where the rhythms show us no borders,and instead tell the tale of unity. With each beating heart there is rhythm , when we come together to mimic the heartbeat with our drums we create healing, this is great medicine. Let's drum!

Morena Soul

Morena Soul is a trio of Brazilian Samba with a very upbeat show where they explore an array of Samba variations, going deep into the roots of this style and mixing it with their background musicianship creating their own identity, reinventing & spreading Brazilian samba to new audiences.

Austin Samba School

The Acadêmicos da Ópera, or Austin Samba School, is a group of over 100 drummers and dancers that performs the music and dance of Brazilian Carnaval, from Rio to Bahia. We perform at parades, festivals and special occasions, bringing the music, movement, color, pageantry and joy of Carnaval to parades, festivals and events throughout the region.

Fusca XR3

Brazilian pop rock

ased in Austin, Texas, Seu Jacinto is a music group interested in developing and introducing traditional Northeastern Brazilian culture to Central Texas. Our work as a grassroots collective has been focused on the traditional regional music forms of Northeastern Brazil. Sharing aspects of Brazilian culture that are generally overshadowed is a wonderful way to build community, educate the public in the richness of Brazilian music, and add another flavor to our eclectic city. Our involvement with Brazilian folk culture offers an exploration into an unofficial history of Brazil, which is key to understanding this colorful and diverse country. ..

Capoeira Evoluçaõ

Capoeira is a martial art of Afro-Brazilian origin. It is distinguished by its incorporation of acrobatic and dance movements as well as the integration of music into practice. A capoeira match or "jogo" takes place within a circle of players called a "roda." As members of the roda sing and play instruments, two players, called "capoeiristas," enter and begin to spar.

In the jogo, typically, there is as much emphasis on the style and expressiveness of the players as on their martial prowess. The majority of strikes involve the feet and blows are evaded rather than blocked. The result is a flowing, rhythmic and dynamic martial art.

Os Alquimistas

Os Alquimistas atx began as a collaboration between Frederico Geib (Ghandaia) and Michael Longoria (Terremoto) in 2010 in Austin, TX, a city declared as the 'Live Music Capital' of the United States. Their transcendental sound will reverberate in 'Ancestrais', the debut album set for global release in the Summer/ 2011.
Sudden as a tidal wave, the band has attracted worldwide excitement for their musical explorations, fantastic songwriting and vivid live shows. “Boldly crafting new sounds while celebrating ancient rhythmic traditions” raves WBEAT! while AGENCIA LA REFORMA-MX reckoned “a new branch in brazilian soul music has sprouted”. The group consists of prolific musicians with a wide range of musical influences and socio-ethnic backgrounds. Together they accumulate an acclaimed roster of tours and performances (i.e. San Jose Jazz Festival, ACL festival, SXSW, Monterrey Jazz, Dolores del Rio International etc.) sharing the stage with artists of the highest caliber (Jair Oliveira, Willie Nelson, Ozomatli, Grupo Fantasma and many others) while preparing for upcoming tours in the USA and Europe. Os Alquimistas atx, have decisively embarked on a transmutation of love through the universal soul of music.
Melodies both lyrical and haunting interact with flawless percussive landscapes in a bed of brazilian guitar chords, funky bass lines, electric piano, electronic ambience and berimbaus to create music that is simply irresistible and universal! A river that flows through Samba, Rock, Soul, Reggae, Funk, Afropop, Jazz… A river of music!

António Dionísio

Antonio Dionisio is a composer, guitarist and vocalist from Três Pontas in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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