Martin Rev (of Suicide)

Martin Rev (of Suicide)

As the quieter half of the extremely influential late '70s electronic, proto-Industrial duo, Suicide, Martin Rev's job was to provide the droning, hiccuping beats and textured backdrops for his partner Alan Vega's animated rantings and onstage abusiveness. When the band split, Vega went on to pursue minor successes with stripped down electro-Rockabilly and two-note rock, while Rev's solo records continued with Suicide's sweet, childlike melodies and simple lyrics over desolate, monotone, minimalist electronics.

Infinity Shred

“Where hip-hop meets post-rock,” these “casual shredders” have been serving up their self-proclaimed “cocktail metal” since 2012. More “sad EDM” than “synth pop,” their visuals draw you in with a “Carl Sagan meets Barrier Kult” aesthetic soundtracked by “technical drumming,” “synth shredding” and “aggressive guitars.

Tempers are a NYC-based duo comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper. The duo’s dark, ice-cold electronica blends a sinister slow static disco with danceable beats, a hinting of pop sensibility imprisoned in an almost gothic, industrial soundscape. Their previous singles, ‘Eyes Wide Wider’ b/w ‘Hell Hotline’ produced by Damian Taylor (Bjork), ‘Strange Harvest’ and ‘Killing for Company’ (Swans cover) received coverage across the US and UK blogs including Pitchfork, The Fader, Noisey, V Magazine and Interview. Their debut album "Services" was released in October 2015. Their new EP "Fundamental Fantasy" was released via The Vinyl Factory on Feb 24 2017.

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