Dry River Yacht Club

Dry River Yacht Club

Sailing Musicians upon a yacht, upon the seas we sailed. When one day sailing on board our ship, through a storm we had to prevail. The storm took us and threw us, and tossed us around. It bumped us and blew us. It soaked us and shook us. .

There Is Danger

here Is Danger is a band from Phoenix, AZ. Current performing lineup includes Ills Riske, Stefan Handlong, Daniel Ybarra, Bryan Garay, Jake Arrington, and Kevin Vaughn-Brubaker.

Pretty music with big voices, small voices, guitars, drums, bass, violins, flutes, melodicas, a variety of keyboards and drums.

The Upper Strata

The Upper Strata releases its third effort. The twelve song CD entitled Phantastic Pigeon-Holes, picks up where the EP release Manifest left off and takes the songwriting and approach further. Often bluesy, sometimes with a little western twang, the songs are filled with saloons and desert images. While traveling about to play shows, the lyrics and themes have been inspired by the colorful and varied state of Arizona.

The Upper Strata is an eclectic duo mixing genres and styles to produce their own brand of alt rock music. From Tom Waits to Son House, from Muddy Waters to Morphine the influences are broad and the resulting music even more far flung. Often with hints of bottleneck blues and always a thumping fluid bass line, the duo cranks out a sound both old and new. The new album Phantastic Pigeon-Holes finds the group out in the Southwest with its saloons, haunted hotels, old mining towns, mesas, and canyons. All figure into the often cinematic tracks and make the region a character in the work. In particular Sitting Stubborn and Wasteland tell mad tales of wandering in the desert or abandoned boomtowns. Birdcage is Burning is a kind of beat poetry homage to the late Birdcage saloon on Prescott's Whiskey Row. It is typical of the kind of backdrop or setting the songs on this outing are filled with.

For the CD Release Party, The Upper Strata will perform a rare electric set as a trio. The cover for the event includes a copy of the new full-length album Phantastic Pigeon-Holes.

$7.00 - $10.00


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