Prytania, the New Orleans based alternative/progressive rock band, originally formed in 2009. The band immediately began to create intense music and in just six short months put together a six track self-titled EP, that garnered attention for its creative upside, hooks, musical psyche, and technical proficiency. Prytania’s single and video, entitled “Hurt Like New”, sparked excitement in the New
Orleans area, which began the buildup of a loyal fan base that continues to support their favorite local band. The band members, Michael Portinari, bass; Ben Gendusa, drums; Joe Duzac, synthesizer; Jack Hatty, guitar; and Wayne Miller, vocals, are currently working on their "Moths To The Flame" album, debuting in Summer 2012.

Pulp Deception

Pulp Deception is a band put together with the pieces of individuals who each have their own story to tell. We have starved for our craft. We have sacrificed time and energy for this passion. The music we play will always have two values. It will be something to get caught up in. It will be a story for you follow. There will be history behind every piece.
We can be stand in's or we can be the headliners. We recognize the value of a quality performance and we deliver. The size of the crowd or notoriety of the show is the lowest priority. We take pride in our music and vow to constantly evolve in skill and entertainment. Further more, we recognize the significant impact of a satisfied fan base. We will provide opportunities for fans to get involved in all aspects, from promos to the backstage. Every listener is appreciated and every dollar earned.
Band Interests
Biking. Long Boarding. Sociology. Economics. Political Science. Cross Country. Fitness. Cars. Football. Olympics. Archery. Salad. Community Service. Constant innovation. Relentless marketing. Shameless plugging. Entertainment. Tumblr. Twitter. Reverbnation
Artists We Also Like
Ratatat. Blink-182.Green Day. Iron Maiden. Jay-Z. Johnny Scetch and the Dirty Notes

$5.00 - $8.00


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