Sean Renner

Sean Renner

With each new album Sean Renner continues to forge a unique musical path. Spanning genres from classical to hip hop, pop to folk, and playing the roles of artist, producer, engineer and everything in between, Renner continues to push the limits of his musical imagination.

Stray Suns

Stray Suns is composed of four musicians with 2 goals in mind: to play music that doesn’t bore them, and to put on shows they would want to see themselves. They get cranky if not given lots of attention, and you must never feed them after midnight. They are a live act first, and writers of some OK music second.

Bending genres gets them hot and bothered. Their primary musical influences range from funk & soul (James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power), jazz & blues (Tony Williams, Derek Trucks, Led Zeppelin), jam & hippy (Dave Matthews Band, Ziggy Marley), 90’s rock (Faith No More, Stone Temple Pilots, Blind Melon, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and newer alt rock (Mumford and Sons, Big Wreck, Jack White).

An amalgamation of influences can be heard in each show the band plays. While each song is crafted to be unlike the others, the shows come together as a singular musical experience—both varying and unpredictable. So they hope, anyway.

In The Beginning

We are all good friends that like to rock. Lets get it on!

Benson the Dog

Will and Ben started performing together when they were in middle school. Their debut was in 1998, when they sang "Blue Moon" and "Earth Angel" and Will's parents' 25th wedding anniversary. Their paths diverged when they chose different high schools, and ended up living very different lives. 12 years later, with a little help from social media, they reunited and began making music together. One night while drinking cheap beer and writing songs, Will came up with the conjoining of our names "Benson", and shortly after added "the Dog".

Most of BTD's music is inspired by relationships of yore... predominantly of the dysfunctional persuasion. At first, Ben was hesitant to venture into matters of the heart when it came to songwriting (he was in his "stick it to the man" political phase), but was won over when they co-wrote their first song "Roller Coaster Love Blues". In addition to turning Will's plight into aural entertainment, BTD constantly seeks new creative avenues in their lyrics and music. They have written nearly 20 songs, and are just getting started!

Benson the Dog would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged them on their musical journey! Your love is our fuel to keep going!

Joel Kachel Music

JOEL KACHEL, original singer-songwriter/performer (Minneapolis/St. Paul), a child of the new ACOUSTIC POP ROCK wave will be sure to get your attention with his engaging stage presence and lively music. This high energy acoustic guitar player and singer will be sure to have you off your seat and wanting more of these original tunes. Joel's entertaining and creative songs bring life to everyday experiences and stories to which today's young people can easily relate. Whether about a happy or disheartening experience, his music conveys an upbeat or encouraging sentiment. Through his music, Joel creates an image of a glass at least half full, never half empty, leaving his audience excited, uplifted and having fun. Joel Kachel has played a broad circuit of venues and events from local restaurants, bars and clubs, colleges, coffee shops, fairs, private parties, fund-raising events and more.

This past Fall Joel launch two separate tours; one two week tour in Alaska with Third Wheel Project, and a two week tour in Nashville, TN. In Alaska Joel played 13 shows, 12 out of the 14 Days, along with studio performances on 4 different Radio stations and a spot on a local T.V. show. After Joel returned back to the promise land of MN, he headed to Nashville for another two week tour living in and out of his van, playing a new place every night.

This Spring Joel went into Waterbury Studios in Minneapolis with World Renowned Producer and Jazz Guitar Player David Becker To produce his upcoming EP release "Sounds of Crow". David Becker has worked with artist from Miles Davis to Colbie Caillat and now he has added Joel Kachel his list! Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for this one.. Its going to be HUGE!

$4.00 - $8.00


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