Rudaroo Records ~ Ladies NIght

Rudaroo Records ~ Ladies NIght

Summer is going quickly and it's time for us to throw our summer BBQ. Rudaroo Records and Herman's Hideaway have teamed up to bring you a day full of good music, good food and good friends!

Vanilla Whale

Hailing from all parts of the United States, Vanilla Whale has managed to captivate all sounds representing several genres including; Psychedelic, Hard Rock, Blues, Punk, Classic Rock and more! Slowly but surely, the whale has climbed higher in the local charts of Houston Texas and found itself some unique opportunities to spread the word about this great new thing in Rock & Roll known as Vanilla Whale.
To explain this possible Rock phenomena would take ages so we can stick with the basics for now. Alex Ianuzzi (bass guitar) comes to us all the way from the great state of New Jersey. Alex is the oldest member at age 26 and any instrument he touches, it turns to gold. Then there is Tyler Lucas. Brought to you by the golden state of California. Like Alex, Tyler was an original drummer but then one day realized guitar was way cooler...and that he was an amazing guitarist of course. Next up is Andy Stewart. Andy, by far the best character of them all, knows how to capture the audience better than anyone. Trading off at rhythm and lead guitar with Tyler, These two have managed to create some very unique but classic rock and roll melodies that some would say have died off in the music industry. Finally there is the drummer, Darr Nieuwoudt. He's big. He's loud. and that is all that needs to be said.
Being a truly "Live" band, they thrive to make every show a great experience for people of all ages. their friends are amazed and their parents are impressed. Every venue they have played, they have gotten invited back. This summer is a huge opportunity for the whale to make a big SPLASH in the Houston Rock scene.

Vine Street Vibes


Hillside Stomp

Hillside Stomp is an alternative bluegrass band based out of Wichita, Kansas.


Crashopper is an American independent rock band from Denver, CO. Formed in late 2011; the group's lineup includes Ben Ford, Jason Keena, Jim Lawn & Veronica Menard.

Crashopper traces its origin to 2010 when Ben Ford and Jim Lawn met while working at a crummy sales job together. To blow off steam after work, the pair would meet up over some beers and trade acoustic guitar riffs. Over the course of the year a few riffs began progressing into songs, and the duo began testing their music's mettle at open mics throughout Denver.

As the pair continued to write and perform they began the process of recruiting efforts for bass and drums. In the fall of 2011 Jason Keena was introduced to the band and with Keena on bass, the duo became a trio.

The three-piece began rehearsing and writing together, with Lawn sitting in on drums while the search for a permanent drummer continued into early 2012.

Frustrated with the auditions and anxious to begin playing live, the trio decided to name the band and start booking shows. It was decided that trading off drum, guitar and bass duties would suffice, and the band became Crashopper.

The spring of 2012 saw the debut of the band performing live. The summer was dedicated to building and expanding both original and cover catalogues.

The fall of 2012 kicked off with Crashopper's return to the stage, as well as the introduction of a new member, Veronica Menard, on Violin. By the end of the year the band released their first feature studio EP.

In 2013 the band plans to continue to play live shows and hopes to record and release a full length studio album.



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