Jon Bryant, Colin Bradford @ The Back Bar

Jon Bryant

For two-time iTunes Indie Spotlight Artist Jon Bryant, writing his latest release, What Takes You, was a challenging, yet invigorating experience.

"The writing process was difficult to get back into as I had been touring continuously for almost all of the previous year, finishing University and planning for my touring year of 2011," Bryant admits. "But each song I wrote for What Takes You immediately came to life for me. It was as though I knew they would make it onto the album, while all the others I was very much on the fence about. I wrote about 40 songs and only 10 actually made it."

The certainty Bryant felt about the songs he selected helps make What Takes You a well-rounded, cohesive album. The album is an earthy, folk/bluegrass/Americana collection of twelve songs—including a cover of James Taylor's "Carolina," as well as "Be Still," whose author is unknown—that winds its way through tales of faith, love, loss and the search for purpose and meaning in life. Stark in their simplicity, yet bold in their proclamations, these songs create a variety of lyrical and emotional landscapes whose effects go well beyond simply giving the listener pleasing music to enjoy.

From the stirring and sweeping Americana-tinged opener "Souls of Manhattan" to the chillingly ambient closer "Comfortable Land," Bryant guides you on a multi-genred journey, introducing you to a host of characters and situations that simultaneously feel unique and universal. Adding to the universal theme of the record, Bryant chose a couple more songs that are named after North American locales, the easygoing Country shuffler "Ontario" and the aforementioned sun-splashed acoustic ditty "Carolina." Given the fact that his father was a Gospel singer and his mother was a flight attendant, it should come as no surprise that Bryant has ended up singing about weighty content while mixing in worldwide destinations in some of his songs.

Colin Bradford

Colin has been playing music for the better part of his life on this planet. Originally trained as a classical guitarist; he spent many years in the shed learning scales and technique.
Also, during his formative years, he played in a large variety of alt rock and punk bands. Now he is taking his original songs and compositions to clubs around the Pacific Northwest.

Jeremy Serwer

Songwriter that has bounced around the US much and a small amount around the world, Jeremy Serwer has played in these Bands Rich Man's Burden, Thistle, Moon Dogg, LampShade Honey, Acoustic Minds, The Christine Young Band.
Jeremy has played on these Albums Rich man's Burden's "Whispers" Jeremy Serwer(Soon To be Released) "FM" Acoustic Minds albums "Time" Going Going Gone" Jenn Dashney's "Songs From The Deep Blue", Christine Young's "The First Time".

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