Jonwayne, MNDSGN, Zeroh, Oliver The 2nd

So Cal native Jonwayne is an integral member of the LA beat scene's second generation whose music has been bouncing between the walls of Low End Theory for months.

Originally involved in the local underground music community as a spoken word artist and rapper, Jonwayne soon found himself at the Airliner on Wednesday evening for Low End Theory. After experiencing a mind-blowing night at the club, the young artist discovered new creative inspiration and started making music. A tape of his raw, sticky and blunted beats made their way into the hands of Daddy Kev, and soon Jonwayne's debut full-length album Bowser was born.

MNDSGn is a Philadelphia-based beatmaker in the Klipm0de crew, along with Knxwledge, devonwho and Suzi Analogue.

Los Angeles has long been a breeding ground for eccentric, forward-thinking black music and as of late, this impulse has manifestated in the conspicuously named Beat Music scene, centralized around Flying Lotus and the weekly Low End Theory. The community birthed dozens of post- hip-hop producers taking sonic risks, but they've primarily operated in an instrumental capacity, somewhat detached from the city's rappers. Emcees intermingle socially with these beatsmiths, but few are confident enough to regularly record to the overly-complex and bass-heavy sound. Zeroh (also known as Blaqbird, depending on the mood) might be the rapper to bridge that gap. Atop mostly borrowed Beat productions, he raps in an earth-shattering baritone of precisely cluttered word blurs. Yet for all his talent, Zeroh remains something of a shy and enigmatic figure, occasionally dropping semi-anonymous tapes, like the recent More Throwaways, by way of his Tumblr and the small handful of blogs that have embraced his work. Hive recently spoke with Zeroh about his mysterious origins and theories on beat production.

Oliver The 2nd

Joseph Oliver Perry II aka Oliver the 2nd was born, November 8, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. Oliver the 2nd is a Producer/Emcee/DJ who hails from the fast growing Inland Empire section of Southern California. He is also the son of acclaimed smooth Jazz/ r&b singer Phil Perry. Growing up, Joseph naturally developed a deep rooted love and appreciation for all music, especially hip hop. Joseph got his feet wet producing and rapping in the duo "The Mindz" along with partner Rapper None Other in 2001 dropping the mix-tape "Heavy Rotation" in 05' and the official LP "Voices" in 2006. That same year, Joe relocated from Cali to Chicago and composed the free instrumental album "Joenuts : A Tribute to J Dilla" an ode to the late great producer Jay Dee who passed of lupus in February 2006, who Joe sites as his biggest musical influence to date. Going under his "Average Joe" production name started an official myspace page for his music in 2006. In 2010, Joe dropped the free instrumental album "The Newness EP" receiving much acclaim for his approach to chopping samples and elaborate arrangements. Oliver the 2nd is also a member of "The Cxllective" a team of rappers & producers based in Chicago, IL. In June 2011, Joe moved back to his Inland Empire hometown & changed his stage name to Oliver the 2nd. Joe's resent musical contributions have been mostly featured on fellow producer/rapper & Flying Lotus's newest label find Jeremiah Jae's Lunch Special Vol. 2-4 Also, his debut EP under Oliver the 2nd 'Lava Farts' released through bandcamp in June. Listening to his music for the first time, you will automatically get the humor in his former name Average Joe, because his music is FAR from your average!! His music speaks much louder than words and even louder than the light skin, 6 foot, California native, which is Oliver the 2nd and that's LOUD!!! Get familiar!!

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