Crez deedee, Heart of the Whale, Le Fomo, Pony Flight

Crez deedee

Crez played in a bunch of bands that didn't get too famous. So did Layn Jynn.

What a shame.

The two met by chance, and that's what took. After a long, arduous drummer hunt, filled with many days without a drummer at all, Mars Daxwell came into the picture. The rest is romance and rehearsal. They practice in a small, good sounding room with light up pigs hanging from the ceiling. They sound like a band that just lost its last baby tooth, awaiting dollar in the morning.


Crez DeeDee is really just about high energy, pure emotion, and the vibe. Nothing faster than light. They sound like they're supposed to be from another time, although no one's sure which.

Crez will tell you they want to be a pop band played by blues musicians through rock instruments, but really they're a rock band that writes songs with choruses. No riff stacking.

Layn will tell you that they're really just interested in rock n roll as a whole, not a as a secular deal. Just a pure expression of the groundwork that came before, played by the boys we've got now.

Mars will says it's beautiful and smile at you.

Heart of the Whale

Heart of the Whale is a San Francisco based rock and roll band.

Le Fomo

Le fomo is minimalist melodramatic electro pop / post punk from San Francisco. Project of Steph A. Nelson (vox, synths, bass, drums), will also include Paul Laughrige (Brooklyn local) on drums for Sept 14 show.

Pony Flight

Pony Fight Is a heavy groove rock band that boasts a sound best described as a driving thunderclap floating above an open field of crisp green grass, interspersed with lyrics that are contemplative and thought provoking. Its first incarnation began here in the Bay Area with Julian Barber on bass and Reed Sandberg on guitar, producing soundscapes and songs in a project they dubbed Sure Catch Trout. After a little bit of time, they added drummer Darryl Dardenne to the group and changed the project name to Dogs That See Rabbits. In 2012, Julian moved to second guitar, and Shawn Miller was picked up to play bass. Thus began the most recent incarnation of Pony Fight in earnest.

We are driven by a desire to catch that musical moment, break it down to its most base layer, and rebuild it into treacherous beauty and intuitive sensory meltdown.

We are Pony Fight.

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