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Late Night Reading


Hailing out of Long Island, NY; the pop-rock band This is All Now has taken off with a huge start recently releasing their debut EP "Supernova," in early July which was received extremely well and sky-rocketed the buzz to an all-time high. With huge anticipation, TIAN prepares to release more and more content, and deliver a live show that not only entertains , but completely "wows" the audience. TIAN has accomplished more than what many bands have in the smallest of time frames. Planning to tour relentlessly, and receiving a front page exclusive on PureVolume as well as wrapping up this past summer on the Summer of Love Tour with Allstar Weekend & Honor Society. You're more than guaranteed to love This is All Now with their anthemic vocals, and they're pop-punk/rock edge and strong party rock mentality that will leave you begging for more. Make sure you check them out over at

7 Minutes In Heaven

We've all played 7 Minutes in Heaven, haven't we? We all remember that rush, that thrill, that excitement that took complete control over us upon entering "heaven". Whether "heaven" was a closet, a bathroom or a darkened bedroom, the enjoyment was the same. Now imagine that same youthful excitement and kick pumping into your ears. An injection of sonic delight mainlined right into your head. I give you Timmy Rasmussen.

Battle Ground, Washington / December 2011: The place and time that Timmy's electro-acoustic project "7 Minutes in Heaven" first got its start. "At first, I was releasing more acoustic/programmed induced music, but I always had in mind to pursue a "pop-punk" sound, since that was the genre I felt most connected to". I wanted to throw a couple tracks out there and see if people even liked what I had been doing. Thankfully, I received a lot of positive reactions and it felt AMAZING! "

Next came a free Christmas EP released VIA PureVolume, when Timmy's music quickly captured the attention of locals and word started spreading throughout the country. With the thrill of the attention "7 Minutes in Heaven" was receiving Timmy decided to relocate to Des Plaines, IL; a place that afforded him more time to focus on his music. This focus resulted in the digital release of two original tracks: "Undercover Lovers" and "'Strike Three".

On "Undercover Lovers," Timmy remembers: “I was really stoked about it and it was cool to experiment with different sounds starting this out. It had this rad "80's" feel to it, which was completely unintentional." On the track "Strike Three," Timmy offers: "It was actually previously released in an old side-project I started and I just completely remastered it and added the missing pieces to it from previously self-producing it. It was a bit of a fan favorite and so I felt it deserved to be shown to its full potential."

After self-releasing his first two tracks, Timmy spent all of his time since growing his fan base VIA social networking and performances as well as writing, writing, writing! "The goal is to self-release a full-length in Spring of 2013. I have a lot of songs written, but since it's going to be self-funded, I'm being particularly analytical about each one. Of course I want it to be the best it can possibly be". But that didn't stop Timmy from releasing a track, "I wanted give fans a taste of what's been brewing in my head over the last year, ha". "California" was released digitally on July 16th, 2012, and the response has been INCREDIBLE! Its catchy vocals, melodic guitars, and upbeat sound bring it all back to the original question: We've all played "7 Minutes in Heaven; haven't we? Well now you can play "7 Minutes in Heaven" anytime you want. There's one thing in mind through all of this and that is to reach out to as many people as possible. It is safe to say that big things are in the future for the 19-year-old Washington native. Keep your eyes open and your ears perked. 7 Minutes in Heaven is not only a game that brings joy to all, but also the next big name in pop music.

The Picture Perfect

Originally formed as an additional side project by acoustic pop artist Kyle Featherstone in the summer of 2010, The Picture Perfect was merely a musical output for Featherstone (primarily a pianist) to write more piano-driven music. Quickly taking flight in the late fall of the same year, The Picture Perfect grew to the full-band sound that it is known for today with the addition of long time childhood friend Colin Huntington and mutual confidant Justin Hallman. Although not your typical sound, influences of The Rocket Summer, Sing It Loud, Jack's Mannequin, and A Rocket to the Moon can be heard in the skillful collaboration of catchy piano driven melodies fused with powerful driving choruses. Known for their goofy antics and positive attitudes, the boys from The Picture Perfect really know how to create a welcoming atmosphere and put on a good show, or your money back! Huntington and Feathersotne, both Wisconsin natives, will be releasing their debut Album "Dreaming In Color" on May 3rd 2011. Keep an ear out for these upcoming guys, grab your own copy of the album, and don't forget to make it out to a show near you; it's guaranteed to be a great time!

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