Count To Four

Count To Four

Count to Four is an aggressive pop-punk band from South Jersey /
Philadelphia in the vein of The Wonder Years. With a strong focus on musicianship, Count to Four delivers unrepetitive, complex and catchy guitar riffs. Combined with unforgettable, singalong lyrics and melodic vocals, the band creates a mature, yet altogether familiar sound to the pop-punk genre.

Check out the band's first full-length album titled "Between Two Cities"; produced/recorded at 37 Studios by Matt Dalton (I See Stars, For the Fallen Dreams, Craig Owens, Chiodos etc) You can download both of their previous EP's for FREE from

Artist Note:
"Pop Punk is all about growing up, and we try to capture all the emotions, positive and negative, that go along with it. I think that's what makes it relatable...In the end, it's music, it's expression. We do this because we love it, and none of us would want to be doing anything else."

Blackout Summer

The name says most of it. We drink like mad, dance even madder, and deep down, know we're a bunch of redneck punks. So, come on out for a wild time with the wild women. The wild women, and the rippin' and the tearin'. The rippin' and the tearin'.


Pop-punk, beers, fun people...thanksgiving dinners...



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