The Calm and Repose, The Tea Club, Thank You Scientist, Mikal kHill

The Calm and Repose

With the help of the great Jamie King, The Calm & Repose has recently released their debut self-titled EP. Expect this and so much more in the coming weeks, months and years as this close-knit family of artists and musicians has only just begun to make their mark.

The Tea Club

The Tea Club is a band from New Jersey. The band consists of Patrick McGowan (vocals/guitar), Dan McGowan (vocals/guitar), Joe Rizzolo (drums), Jamie Wolff (bass, vocals), and Renee Pestritto (keyboards/flute/vocals).

The Tea Club was formed in 2003. Between the inception and 2007, they made several recordings, one of which attracted the attention of producer/ engineer Tim Gilles (Thursday and Taking Back Sunday). Tim produced, recorded and mixed their first full length album at his studio in Jersey City, Big Blue Meenie Studios. The Tea Club’s first album, “General Winter’s Secret Museum“, was released in July 2008.

"Rabbit", their second album, was released on October 9th 2010. "Rabbit" was also produced by Tim Gilles, and featured guest keyboards by Tom Brislin. They spent the rest of 2010 and the majority of 2011 playing many shows along the East Coast, including the ProgDay festival in North Carolina. Reviews and articles about the band were featured in publications such as Metro Philly, Indie Music Reviewer, Origivation, and JUMP. They ended the year 2011 by playing an acoustic show opening for Jimmy Gnecco of the band Ours at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia.

In early 2012, The Tea Club once again returned to Big Blue Meenie Studios to record their third album with producer Tim Gilles. Following the recording sessions, The Tea Club were asked to open for the Swedish rock band Beardfish for their mini-tour of the United States in May 2012.

The Tea Club's third album, "Quickly Quickly Quickly", was released on November 15th, 2012.

Thank You Scientist

Tom Monda (fretted and fretless guitar) Shamisen, Odin Alvarez (drums)

With more time changes than a broken pocket watch, and more hooks than a tackle box, this group of ambitious young lads from New Jersey is getting quite a bit of attention lately, and with good reason! "A seven piece monster" collectively playing roughly 20 instruments, Thank You Scientist has a hyper-composed sound much indebted to the band members' experience and formal training in both classical and jazz idioms. TYS has been mesmerizing live audiences since their inception in 2010. Dubbed "the top unsigned act in the Tri-State area" shortly after the release of their EP, The Perils of Time Travel, the band hasn't slowed down a bit. During June of 2012, the band released their first full length record, Maps of Non-Existent Places, an album funded by fans from all over the world via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. The album is a stunning collage of influences. Picture Incubus, Coheed and Cambria, and Steely Dan on a train with Frank Zappa as the conductor colliding into the Mahavishnu Orchestra leaving the Beatles and King Crimson to assemble the wreckage. Does this make sense to you? It shouldn't, but take one listen and call us in the morning. Familiar, yet undeniably unique. Complex, yet accessible. This is post-genre music at it's finest

Mikal kHill

Mikal kHill is a emcee, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, primarily known for being the founding member of the hiphop collective and live band The ThoughtCriminals. His debut solo album, "This is Not an Entrance" explores the space between hiphop, folk and industrial music without ever losing focus on densely packed rhymes, hard drums and dope melodies. Co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape & Slytherin House Mixtape with Adam WarRock. Reader's Digest "Producer of the Year" 2011. kHing kHoopa, the Dragonborn MC.



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