The Currys

The Currys are a melodic folk rock group made up of two brothers, one cousin, and a rhythm section. Their music is characterized by rich vocal harmonies and charismatic live performances that keep you on your feet. (If you prefer to sit, their music can also be enjoyed from a chair.) They've played all over the United States and Ireland, and have been the subject of a PBS documentary.

Much of The Currys' music reflects the experiences they've had growing up in the South. In a sense, their songs are not just theirs — they belong to all the people they've played for over the years, at all the festivals, pubs, and oyster bars, from Florida to New York and all the way to Ireland.

Often performing as an acoustic trio, The Currys are seen just as often with a full band, backed by Matt "Trixx" Kauper on bass and Johnny Humphreys on drums.

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