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the Thigh-Highs

The Thigh-Highs met in 2008, at a party in the home of legendary rock journalist John Swenson. It was there that they realized they had a similar taste in hairdos and in rock 'n' roll records from the 1960's. And so ... drummer Jimmy Picker, guitarist Gerry Newland and bassist Phil Gordon cobbled together a list of their favorite Power Pop songs and began playing house parties in Brooklyn. By 2009, they'd written enough original songs to venture out of the living rooms and into the Rock Clubs of NYC as well as the recording studio to make their first single record; Alice on the Moon/She's a Belle. When Jimmy retired from the band that summer, Dave Keating, a house party alumnus and veteran rock drummer took his place behind the kit, rounding out the current line-up. The Thigh-Highs are scheduled to release an EP very soon. The Thigh Highs are unrepentantly pop!


Boxtopus! Boxtopus? Yeah, Boxtopus Mother Fuckers!!!
If you like to drink your rock 'n' roll from the gilded skull of a Special Olympics shot putter, you've found the right place! What a mess! Once seen, it can be unseen!

Don Vongiovi is on Guitar and Voice. And, O, what a voice he has! It makes the ladies "creem!" I mean REALLY "creem!" A LOT of "creem!" Up to our knees in "creem!" So much "creem" you have to bring a snorkel! Your shoes are going to smell like vagina.

English Punchy "George" is on Guitar and Noseflute. WTF? A man(?) of mystery! But, man, does he play some hot licks! Not face melting hot but more like a hot shower. And then you fart in the hot shower. And he plays a mean noseflute!

$8.00 - $10.00


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