Real Estate

Real Estate

The words after the backslash at their MySpace are “Let’s Rock The Beach,” but Real Estate are more about the lovably down-and-out Jersey Shore than a pristine Caribbean. The quartet mention Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood NY, Jersey City, and Brooklyn as their location (that’s two out of four, which counts), the Boss and “New Jersey” itself as influences. On top of that, their MySpace Top 8 includes Titus Andronicus and the Ridgewood, NJ Real Estater Matt Mondanile also records as Ducktails, and therein has a song called “Beach Point Pleasant.” So, see, we’re making shit up with that Jersey Shore claim. Beyond geography, songs like “Suburban Beverage” mix languid psychedelia, muted vocals, a boomy undertow of drums, and jammy repetitions that somehow conjure fellow Garden State crew the Feelies (then again, that could just be because of how they look). It makes sense they mention the Clean as an influence, less so the Beach Boys, unless it’s about the sand. Maybe it’s best to call it a sunsetting, less ethereal Galaxie 500, but before it gets too dark.



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