Blackbear, one of the music industries' breakthrough singer/songwriters, releases his debut EP, "Foreplay"; the first segment of four EP series, today. Formerly known as underground Indie/Acoustic artist, Mat Musto, Blackbear has quickly evolved from his acoustic style to becoming a dub step/ pop sensation. The four-song EP features a mixture of pop, indie, dub step, and urban sounds, creating a merge of musical cultures within one.

Working closely with super-producer, Mike Posner, Blackbear has had several successes outside of his singing career as a progressive songwriter. Career highs include collaborations with Grammy-award winning artists such as Ne-Yo, Rivers Cuomo from the band Weezer, Pharrell Williams, Nate Walka, Bei Maejor, Bad Boys latest artist Machine Gun Kelly, and famous comedian/rapper Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover. Recently, Blackbear and Mike Posner joined forces to co-write and produce Justin Biebers latest single, "Boyfriend", for his upcoming album "Believe".

With the overnight success of Blackbears' songwriting skills, his EP, "Foreplay", could have not come at a better time. Over the next several months, Blackbear will begin touring and releasing a series of videos. His first performance will take place on April 28th in San Diego, CA. Blackbear states, "I plan to tell a story about sex while stirring controversy amongst the music scene, using my eclectic style and out of the box mannerisms". He continues, "I hope to send a message musically that fans of all genres can relate to by discussing relevant, yet provocative subjects." "Foreplay" is set to be one of the most-anticipated EP releases for 2012.

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