Air Review

Air Review strives to make creative music that is accessible to the casual listener and engaging to a serious music lover. It has never been about a guitar, or a piano, any one instrument, or any one style, but about solid melodies and fresh and engaging sounds–something to be both listened to and sung along with.

But there is nothing about Air Review that can be considered typical or orthodox. At the onset, the band decided to write an album before ever stepping foot on stage. It took three years of writing, rehearsing and recording in Irving Texas, but finally
the band produced a first album to break the mold of the typical debut: no gimmicks or throwbacks to dead musical eras, but 11 tracks, varied and distinct from each other, placed together to make a cohesive whole.

Not until the album was complete did the band launch their Myspace with 3 songs, photos and a documentary style video to clearly state to the world, this is who we are; this is the whole package.

The response was overwhelming as people from as far as Greece, France and Malaysia, immediately asked for more. But Dallas and surrounding areas seemed to notice too and after only a few weeks of internet presence, Air Review had over a thousand
Myspace friends and was consistently breaking a hundred plays a day. With having never performed live, and never really telling anyone beyond close friends and family, the band was energized by this listener response.

After four months of blogging, internet promoting, and rehearsing, Air Review played their first live performance for a packed house at Dallas' beloved Curtain Club. In response, Dallas music critic Kami Fuller wrote in The Examiner that, "For a first show, the performance was immaculately polished. It would appear that Dallas has a new frontrunner in the British rock category."

A month later, Dallas Observer's Pete Freedman responded to the band's sold out performance at House of Blues Cambridge room by tagging Air Review as "a pretty promising jangly pop rock outfit;" and observing that "they've managed to develop a
little bit of a buzz around their show--enough, at least, so that they're on our radar pretty early in the game."

Today, online traffic continues to grow as the band grinds away in the rehearsal room maintaining their polished live performance. The album, Landmarks, released in August, and the band is committed to stretching the norms of sound and performance as they present this first musical offering to the world.

Good Field

Good Field began as the solo recording project of Austin, TX's Paul Price, who has played with such bands as Brazos, The Early Tapes, and Voxtrot. After writing some of the album in an isolated adobe by a cenote in Mexico, Price continued working on the songs in between tours with Brazos and Voxtrot, with instrumentation and production help from his friend Nathan Stein.

Combining influences of shoegaze, indie rock, '60s guitar tones, and pop hooks, the recording wrapped up in the summer of 2011. Shortly after, Price formed the band known as Good Field – an homage to cricket and desolate landscapes. Joining Price are fellow Austin musicians Esteban Cruz on drums, Michael McLeod (Richard Linklater film composer) on bass, and Kyle Robertson on keys. Good Field started performing live and officially released the full length in February of 2012.

While playing with Brazos, Price opened for The National, Grizzly Bear, Vampire Weekend, The Walkmen, and White Denim. Through Voxtrot, Price played on bills with Beirut, Beach House, and Little Joy

Black Books

Black Books began creating their heady, atmospheric mix of dreamy, visionary pop and epic southern rock in their hometown of Austin, Texas back in 2010. By 2011 The Austin Chronicle had hailed them as “Top Ten Locals to Watch in 2011," by 2012 they had toured with on coveted opening slot for The Flaming Lips. This was complimented with a wash of influential US blog attention that garnered the band complimentary comparisons to contemporaries such as Grandaddy, My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses, plus nods to iconic Godfathers of subtle psychedelic rock, Pink Floyd. Their self titled debut album Black Books has been announced for a North American release date of October 1st on Believe Recordings.

Black Books debut Aquarena EP, released in February this year, premiered exclusively on The Line of Best Fit. The EP features the cut "Favorite Place," which is also the opening S/T album track. You can hear it here via Soundcloud too. A stunning video for the song can be seen here as well. A handful of shows in Texas have been announced for August and September, while a national October tour will be announced soon as well.

Black Books are young school friends who act as a self-sufficient, close-knit creative family. Guitarist - and professional recording engineer - Kevin Butler produces all of the band’s music, while keyboardist - and artist - Clarke Curtis creates their artwork and gig posters. It's been quite a ride in the band's short life span, highlighted by a recent tour with The Flaming Lips. ""It's always nuts to meet your heroes, but it's even crazier when they have confetti cannons," Ross says.

The closeness of the musicians could explain in part why Black Books’ ambient, anthemic shoe-gaze has an experimental edge and maturity that stands them apart from their contemporaries. Black Books create an evoking and enveloping wall of emotion that seems as intimate as it is epic, with sprawling, mesmerising psychedelia and sun-soaked melodies blended into something driven and tightly charged with Ross Gilfillan’s warm throaty drawl of a vocal. It could also be explained in the album’s recording - completed as it was in a record breaking Texas drought of 2011, shortly after singer Ross Gilfillan and wife Meg (keys/vocals) became parents for the first time. Black Books debut is therefore the child of a stifling, claustrophobic heat and an overpowering awe inspiring feeling of love.

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