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Foreign Tongues

Foreign Tongues are a rock band who call both Boston and New Hampshire home. They just released a split 7" with Ghost Thrower, out on Youth Conspiracy now.


Somos, We have always dedicated ourselves to bringing it to the stage! Our pulse is beating with a groove deeply rooted in the positive that should be shared by all! Somos is flavored with the sounds of funk, soul, rock, jazz and chicanismo. Packing the jams from the way back to the right here and now. We ARE an original seven piece mezcla, mixing the very styles that have nourished our souls and ears throughout our careers. The band has had many influences, both recognized and unrecognized. Led by the talented singer/songwriter/guitarist Emiliano Valdez, he is joined almost at the hip by his hermana Katrina Diana Valdez, who's soulful roaring vocals have set many fires on stages across California. Slamming the backbeats into your hearts and hips is Ernie Andrade. Jerimiah "Jersey Jonez" Martinez continues his musical journey with the band as the band's bassist. Michael Annotti lends his pure soul-style to background vocals and keyboards. Somos welcomes its newest additions, Bruce Gilsenen on Lead Guitar and Timo Gutierrez on Latin Percussion. With this new line-up Somos is sure to take any house down with it's eclectic positive and raw vibes. Let's take it to the stage! Somos continues its mission to revolutionize music back to the day when the beats and grooves were living in the real and spreading a positive groove consciousness for all to enjoy. The Party will always continue! Con Safos …

$8.00 - $10.00


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