The Michael Collins Band

The Michael Collins Band

Hailing from the rough-and-tumble back alleyways just north of New York City, The Michael Collins Band toiled under the eponym 10/9 Central before emerging from a sticky womb of self-doubt to the confident clean-shaven indie rock troubadours that now regularly melt faces in the cooler havens of Manhattan. The band's music is rooted in the British indie scene of the 1980's, including The Smiths, Joy Division and The Stone Roses, but is also heavily influenced by The Pixies, R.E.M. and the Replacements. With a loyal core following and the occasional celebrity guest appearance, an MCB show is a classic case study in chaos theory, where truly anything could happen. And a flask of bourbon won't hurt either.
> The lineup: Marc Seligman, Bass. Patrick Dundas, Drums. Michael Collins, Guitar/Vocals

Val Jester

With psychedelic drones, modes and odd meters, Israeli born, Brooklyn based composer, Gadi Caplan, wields a progressive fusion of world music with songs that free themselves from labels by taking liberties and leaving behind formulas. While most new progressive rock is more metal based, Caplan’s new album Look Back Step Forward soars with the power of 70’s rock, the complexities of Jazz, and the evolving nature of classical music.

Originally trained on piano as a child, Caplan switched to guitar in his teens and developed a passion for rock and blues which took him on many journeys throughout the years, such as; India in 2004-2005 where he studied traditional Indian music and sitar, New York City in 2006 where he joined various rock bands, and to Boston in 2007 to study jazz, fusion and funk along with composition at the Berklee College of Music. One unlikely influence at that time became Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa, whom Gadi became more inspired by, leading him to form a rock band that was not afraid to color outside the lines by playing jazz or Indian music.

In January 2011 Gadi released his first album Opposite Views. It was appreciated by both Jazz and Rock communities alike, receiving welcomed reviews from various magazines and radio play by many stations from Boston and New York to Texas and California, and as far as England, Belgium, Germany, Japan and Israel. Critics have hailed the album with such remarks as " Fantastically arranged and written work by an undiscovered genius", and “Delectable stuff from start to end, 'opposite views' is the prog album destined to be talked about for decades if not ever.”.

Expanding his musical interests, Gadi Caplan explores rock, jazz, funk and world music in an even deeper way on his second album Look Back Step Forward. Backed by a multinational pedigree of players from U.S, Canada, Israel, Finland and Poland, Gadi blends demanding arrangements into dynamic, easily digestible compositions that evolve with each listen. With Indian Summer being based on classical Carnatic music, while other songs find Caplan plugging in and bringing down the hammer with Crimson fury, gifting his audience with a first class ticket to sample the many delicacies of his fascinating musical history.

Despite being a mostly instrumental product, Look Back Step Forward is musically massive. Through his newfound confidence as a composer and his willingness to draw from the past, Look Back Step Forward is an honest expression of the lifelong worldly musical experience Caplan has acquired, put into modern context and primed for a new generation of bold music fans.



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