Ignite Laramie 2014

Ignite Laramie at the Laramie Gryphon Theatre, September 10

Last year’s Ignite Laramie event brought over 350 Laramie residents together for an evening of community engagement and entertainment that asked people to consider local issues via 5-minute mixed-media presentations. Audience members witnessed exciting presentations on the ecology of transportation, suicide prevention, the importance of inclusion for persons with disabilities, how to become a youth mentor, among others. This year the focus remains centered on the idea of community, only we are adding a direct audience action component. Ignite Laramie 2014 is a fundraiser for the non-profit programs involved and a food drive to support the Laramie Soup Kitchen.

Why are we doing it this way?

Because we love Laramie and are excited to see community engagement growing the way it has been the last few years, and What you feed grows.
Programs and non-profits that will benefit from Ignite Laramie include:
Project Healing Waters:
A healing and recovery program for veterans with disabilities.

The Laramie Soup Kitchen:
Feeding anyone in need since the 1980’s.

Laramie Makerplace:
An open collective seeking workshop space to be shared by members with invention and craftsmanship on their minds.

The Laramie Mural Project:
Bringing color to our little town in remarkable ways.

Speakers include:

Jeff Lockwood, philosopher/raconteur, on the unlimited potential of what a university can be.

Julian Saporiti, on what it means to invest in local music.

Jessica Robinson, on the upcoming zombie apocalypse and how we have already blamed science for it.

Bridget Hardy, Laramie Makerspace, on building a community of builders.

Timothy John, local cobbler, on what’s at the heart of artisanship, or how to ‘heel your sole’.

Jess Ryan, life-coach, on trusting yourself to make hard decisions.

Robin Hill, retired UW philosophy faculty, on everyday fallacies and the holes in our logic.

Jeff Hubbel and Lindsay Olson, local artists, on what it takes to really paint the town.

Wyoming Humanities Council Staff on different kinds of hungers.

We will be serving up drinks (21 and older only) and we'll have live music as well. This is how we kick off the school year!

Did we mention it's free? Donations will be collected for Laramie's non-profit service agencies including the Soup Kitchen.

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