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ANOXIA was founded and created in the vision of front woman Chrystal Jordan. She always had the aspirations, that her music would reach the world. After several trials, tribulations and member changes, the dream and vision seemed out of reach. Until, Chrystal along with original member's guitarists Joe Horan and Roger Thompson found, the missing pieces and those pieces were drummer Matt Boccia and bassist's Dan Krol. Even though, the band has had a few member changes over the last couple of years. The band will always have the same outlook, goals and determination, they did, when they first hit the music scene. Anoxia would like to thank every person, who has ever influenced, contributed or supported the band.

10 Blade

10 BLADE is made up of 5 individuals with a belief and desire to rock hard. This high energy, fierce, in your face band from Maryland, is prepared to bring their hard hitting style to the forefront and shake your very foundation. You will find that they are all the rock that you'll need for years to come.
"For those about to rock, We recruit you!!!"

$11 ADV $13.20 DOS


Box Office is open Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm and All Show Nights, 410-244-0057. Unless otherwise noted Maryland State's 10% Admissions and Amusement Tax is included in the ticket price.

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