Eddie Spaghetti ( from Super Suckers)

One quarter member of the Greatest Rock N Roll Band In The World.

Dead Ven

Kansas City Street Folk

Thanks to Recycled Rockstar Industries for the kind words!
"Sunday morning after a long night at the bar. Lighting up that first smoke and taking that first drink of coffee. Dead Ven is playing through your stereo, or, at least it should be. The rough road worn sound makes it reminiscent of some of the tried and true punk rock greats, which makes it appropriate that they have played with legends of the likes of Kevin Seconds. This is a band that is sure to be palatable to all walks of life and sings a message that can be enjoyed and appreciated by all those who have the experience or intelligence to grasp it."

Blue Boot Heelers

Formed in late '09 The Blue Boot Heelers definitely have their own style of honky tonk making its way to a club near you. Songs about drinkin, fightin, and women are standard for the Heelers. Dane "The Assassin" Talley delivers that classic country twang and sets the stage for Marty Smeller to belt out his in your face, wild-man lyrics. The Blue Boot Heelers just don't play honky tonk, they actually live it.

Death Valley Wolf Riders

Hailin' from Kansas City, MO, the Wolfriders were brought together in 2009 by fate and the desire to make the world succumb to their rock 'n roll prowess.

Their goal: to take rock 'n roll back from the clutches of the media-enslaved hipsters and charlatans who are hell-bent on destroying the sacred principles, ethics and sounds of this once great art and way of life.

Grab your guitars, your dirty denim, your leather, your beer. We're takin' these fuckers down.

$10.00 - $12.00


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