Micro Wrestling Federation

Micro Wrestling Federation

Since the beginning of time the general population has looked at Micro People (Dwarfs, Midgets, LP's) under five foot tall as "Freaks of Nature". In the entertainment world Micro's were often used in comedic aspects in sports, movies, commercials, etc, etc….

In MWF our talent is an entertainment machine that provides a balance between serious "Sports Entertainment" with a touch of comedic value as well. Our "Micro Maniacs" walk away from one of our unique events feeling as though they know the Micro Entertainer as a talented performer.

Micro Wrestling Federation has the ability to entertain all ages and types of crowds with our variety of different shows we offer including: Nightclub Events, Casino Events, Arena Events, School Fund Raising Events, Motivational Speaking Events, and much much more.

Our hope is that after your adventure here in the world of the Micro's that you too will become a Micro Maniac and enjoy our show at your establishment

$25.00 - $32.50


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