When they started in 2009, seeing FIDLAR meant showing up to a house party and eventually having this exchange with one of them. Zac Carper, The bands guitarist and singer (well, one of 'em) would hand you a red cup , throw an arm around your neck and probably end up blurting out how fucked up he was. Their set list would read more like a grocery list of party supplies than a list of songs: "Cocaine. Cheap Beer. Chinese weed. Four Loko."
After a few years of being a band Zac still plugs in his pedals attached to a skate deck ("Pedal board", get it?) and says "Hi We're FIDLAR: F-I-D-L-A-R. It means 'F*ck It Dog, Life's a Risk". Seeing a FIDLAR set consists of drinking and dancing with people that are twice as drunk as you are while the band rips through songs about what they know best: The girl doesn't call, my ex is a whore, I lost my phone, my car is a piece of shit, my friends are pieces of shit, I do too many drugs, I'm really awkward, I love Del Taco.
FIDLAR is Zac Carper, Elvis Kuehn, Brandon Schwartzel, and Max Kuehn. Elvis and Zac met at Kingsize Soundlabs in LA and recorded a ton of demos with the band before playing a live show. Their first show was on a FMLY bike ride at a skatepark in Culver City. Three years later the band has played with Black Lips, OFF!, Japanther and toured with The Hives. They've released two EP's and just got back from touring Europe.
Listening to them, you can tell that the band did their homework on punk rock and seem dead set on inflicting lessons on anyone willing to listen. Any given song will give you a Germs influenced guitar solo, the catchy "Ooo's" and "Ah's" of The Misfits , and lyrics in the same family as Black Flag's "Six Pack" and "TV Party" . On the same token they can just as easily be compared to any of the bands they cover (Blink 182, FEAR, CCR, Warron Zevon), yet it all comes across entirely their own: Surfier, Faster, more fuzzed out, more personal and a lot more drunk.
FIDLAR's first LP is coming out via Mom + Pop and Wichita recordings. Recorded at their home studio, The album is set to be 14 tracks long and out January 22nd. FIDLAR are your dumbass friends that find a beer, scrape the shit off their shoes, and tell you how the hardest thing about waking up late and trying not to f*ck up your life is having to do it with no job, no money and everyone bumming your cigarettes.

"Raw was born to Paw Mccartney and Donna Van Vliet sometime in the 1980's in a commune in Southeastern Indiana. He ran away from the commune living off the Ohio River for most of his early teens, learning to fish and live off the land. According to Raw, "I was about 16 when I finally hitchhiked my way up to Indianapolis." There he lived as a street musician until he was discovered by a Herron Art Professor who paid for the young Raw to be sent to Paris to study the great French poets and painters and finish high school. It was in Paris Raw learned of the Cult of Pussy Eaters, Culte des Mangeurs Vagin. Raw left schooling again and returned to his friends in Indiana, living a relatively reclusive life writing poetry and painting. When I asked him why he decided to quit painting he said, "I decided poems and painting weren't for me. I wanted to explore my other favorite I can eat three pizza pies in one sit down. Or a handle of whiskow," [a roar]."- Landon Caldwell


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