Milo, a college student from the wilderness of Northern Wisconsin, is a fucking nerd with a philosophy major to trudge through. Fortunately, for his grades and my ears, the dude can write his dick off. Combining scatterbrained wordplay with downright thoughtful prose, whoever the Fuck gave this dude my email address deserves a handjob from jesus.

p-teK is an American hip-hop artist in Austin, TX. Since he began emceeing he's released 3 LPs and 4 EPs, which run the gamut between experimental and mainstream in a balancing act of underground and pop sensibility. In 2012 he co-founded Austin Mic Exchange, an ongoing Austin hip-hop open mic night. He's played with Kool Keith, Astronautilus, Dessa, Fat Tony and at F3F, Art Outside, and 35-Denton. He's also a member of SPACE CAMP DEATH SQUAD. He is currently working on a new mixtape and album due at some point in the future.

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